Introducing a new rabbit into a household with an existing bunny can be like bringing an intruder in from another rabbit warren. The process of introducing two rabbits is known as bonding, which can be stressful for both the people and rabbits involved. Here's a few helpful tips to make this introduction as smooth as possible.
Many chickens develop reproductive disease over time. We look at the common types of reproductive disease in chickens, the signs to look out for, and some of the available treatment options.
Bearded dragons can make fantastic pets! They are active, inquisitive and fascinating to watch. There are a number of species that differ in size and temperament. They can be identified by their hallmark beard which they display when aggravated. The following information is provided for as a general guide.
One of the most common problems we see in guinea pigs is the development of life-threatening dental disease. We look at the common signs of dental disease, how to prevent it from happening, and what treatment options are available.
The cockatiel, or weiro as it is generally known in WA, is a semi-arid bird species that is found in many parts of Australia. Males and females both make great pets, and they’re fairly easy to keep. There's a few important diet, housing and disease factors to consider, however.