Faecal impaction is a condition unusual in females but commonly seen in entire male guinea pigs after 2-3 years of age. The exact reason for its occurrence is unknown, but it is thought that the increased size of the testicles and fat deposit in the scrotal sac preventing some faeces from falling out of the rectum.
Turtle grit is one of the most commonly recommended substrates for aquariums that house freshwater turtle species.
Proper nutrition is very important in rats and can help prevent against multiple diseases, such as heart disease, liver disease, and tumor formation. As rats are known to be very selective in their eating habits, it is essential that young rats are offered a range of foods to start developing good habits.
Deciding to clip your bird’s wings or not is never an easy decision. It is a divisive issue that will uncover a considerable number of differing opinions. A variety of techniques have been used over the years, most prevent your bird from flying, but very few result in a satisfactory outcome for the bird.
Metabolic Bone Disease is a complex disease that is commonly diagnosed in reptiles, and most frequently seen in lizards and turtles. It is easily preventable with the correct husbandry and a correct balanced diet.