Your Exotic Pets Veterinary Career Starts Here


A career in an exotics-only vet practice can be both exciting and challenging.

The Unusual Pet Vets has established a reputation for being a leader in the field of unusual and exotic pet veterinarians in Australia.

We have clinics in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and our teams consist of some of
 Australia’s leading exotics vets and nurses.

The Unusual Pet Vets offers a fulfilling and exciting career path for those passionate about the education, welfare
and health of exotic pet species.

Available positions

There are currently no vacant positions across the Unusual Pet Vets Group.

Employer of choice

Employer of Choice

In December 2023, The Unusual Pet Vets proudly attained accreditation from the Australian Veterinary Association as an Employer of Choice.

This accreditation is a significant milestone, highlighting our steadfast dedication to nurturing a positive and supportive workplace. It showcases our commitment to employee satisfaction, professional development, and fostering a vibrant company culture. This recognition validates our ongoing efforts to attract top talent within the veterinary field, affirming us as a trusted and reputable employer known for excellence.

The accreditation reaffirms our promise to prioritise the well-being and growth of our team, thereby elevating our capacity to deliver exceptional veterinary care.

It signifies more than just a milestone; it symbolises our proactive approach to creating an environment where our team and our services flourish. This distinction sets us apart in the veterinary industry and solidifies our position as the preferred employer and healthcare provider for all your unusual and beloved pets.

Expression of Interest

If we don’t have the right position advertised for you, but are interested i working for the Unusual Pet Vets, please submit your expression of interest. All expression of interests must be accompanied by your CV, a cover letter and a minimum of two references.