Package Includes

Comprehensive Health Check & Husbandry Assessment Microchipping & Registration
Gender Identification UVB Light Testing*
Faecal Testing Viral or Pathogen Testing
SlitherStart Package For Snakes

What is the SlitherStart Package?

The SlitherStart package is designed for owners of pet snakes to help ensure all aspects of their health and wellbeing are being managed and catered for.

The first few months of owning a pet snake can be daunting, so this package will give you peace of mind while providing your snake with premium veterinary care. This is an all-inclusive package tailored for snake owners.

What Is Included in the Flockstart Package?

  • Comprehensive Health Check & Husbandry Assessment
    The key to your snake’s health starts with their environment and diet. As each species of reptile has different requirements, our vets will assess these in detail and work with you to achieve the best enclosure and diet for your species. Reptiles are masters of hiding their illness. In the SlitherStart package a complete physical exam will be performed by our experienced reptile vets.
  • Gender Identification
    Knowing the gender of your snake can be an important part of keeping these reptiles. It can give valuable insight into behaviour and medical aspects of your snake. The SlitherStart program includes the gender identification of your snake once they are old enough to be accurately sexed.
  • Faecal Testing
    Many reptiles are carriers of internal parasites. Left undiagnosed and untreated, these parasites can cause severe illness. Early detection and intervention are essential for your snake’s health. For this reason, a faecal analysis is included in the SlitherStart package.
SlitherStart Package For Snakes
SlitherStart Package For Snakes
  • Microchipping and Registration
    Microchip identification is a safe and highly effective means of identifying your pet. Microchips enable lost reptiles to be reunited with their owner and offers a way to permanently identify your snake. Microchip implantation and lifetime registration on a national database is included in the package.
  • UVB Light Testing
    The quality function of your snake’s UVB light is an important component to their health and wellbeing. As part of this program, we offer testing of your current UVB light set up to ensure proper function and output within your snake’s enclosure.
  • Viral or Pathogen Testing
    Reptile viruses are a growing concern in our pet snakes. Reptiles can carry these viruses for years before they show any signs of infection. The package includes two viral tests which are chosen based on discussion with your vet.

How Much Does It Cost?

The SlitherStart package costs $620.


How Do I Sign Up for the SlitherStart Package?

You can sign up for the SlitherStart package by phoning your Unusual Pet Vets team or stopping into the clinic.

*Not all of our locations have the ability to undertake UVB light testing; it is a free included extra for those clinics that can offer it. 


SlitherStart Package For Snakes