Providing The Best Veterinary Care For Your Pet Rabbit

Keeping rabbits healthy takes more than the occasional carrot – it takes years of accumulated knowledge, experience and skill. Furthermore, it takes a rabbit vet with a real grip on all things bunny-related. As with all creatures, rabbits exhibit behaviours that are specific to just them, our long-eared, furry friends.

Did You Know?

In their natural setting rabbits are prey, hence their instinct is usually to hide any symptoms or signs of illness. Noticing even a slight change in behaviour can make all the difference to your rabbit’s wellbeing. The faster a problem is recognised, the quicker the right medication or treatment can be prescribed.

Why Choose The Unusual Pet Vets

The Unusual Pet Vets is an experienced team of veterinarians that provide advanced pet rabbit care. Part of our committed service is our regular check-ups where we take a close look at your rabbit’s ears, eyes, teeth, and gut to make sure your rabbit is in good health.

Our Perth and Melbourne clinics offer a wide range of services to ensure that your rabbit enjoys a long, healthy life.

Our dedicated rabbit vets are committed to helping you create the perfect home conditions for your pet bunny. Concerning the eating habits of your rabbit, we offer comprehensive information on which green treats and vegetables will become their favourites. We like to share all the little titbits on pet rabbit care that often pass most of us by – including some of the little gestures your rabbit makes to communicate with you. After all, the better you know your bunny the better your relationship will be.

Our Perth and Melbourne based veterinarians all have special interests and experience with exotic and unusual pets, especially rabbits.

Rabbit vet
Rabbit vet

Rabbits require specific attention and experience. At The Unusual Pet Vets, we guarantee that your rabbit will receive quality care. Our services include:

Health check-ups including dietary and housing requirements

Rabbit vaccinations to prevent life-threatening illness and disease

A wide range of food and toy products that are safe for rabbits


Advanced rabbit surgery and hospital care

Rabbit dentistry 

Patient Story

Harry, a two-year-old bunny was presented to our Balcatta team after his owners reported that he was quieter in himself and didn’t appear to have much of an appetite.

On examination we discovered that Harry was suffering from gastrointestinal (GI) stasis, a condition in which the digestive system slows down considerably. We see this condition a lot in our patients and there is generally an underlying cause. In Harry’s case, we found a dental spur (a sharp point on one of his teeth) that was making him very uncomfortable.

Harry was stabilised then anaesthetised so that we could perform a dental float to correct back the spur that had developed and any remaining abnormalities that were present. Harry was an absolute legend and an hour after his procedure he was eating normally and back to his happy, healthy self.

Harry rabbit page
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If I could give more than 5 stars I would!
Amazing vets and vet nurses that care so much about exotics. It is so reassuring going to a vet that you know will treat your bunnies as if they are their own. Molly and Daisy give the double thump of approval!



I took my little bun to be desexed to the one in Balcatta the staff where absolutely wonderful they gave me everything I needed for aftercare and took me through it step by step, I’d gladly recommend them to anyone.



We had such a fantastic experience with the Unusual Pet Vet. Our pet bunny needed to be sterilised and they were so helpful from start to finish, even calling to check on the patient the next day. The nurses were all really lovely, explaining everything to us as needed and we felt like our bunny was in the best, expert hands and combined with good old-fashioned customer service. They even included a surprise gender reveal – our boy bunny was actually a girl bunny. Thank you for making our experience such a good one Unusual Pet Vets I would recommend you guys to anyone!



Any Vet that I’ve seen at UPV has been so friendly and so reassuring. Our little bunny had to have her eye removed and the Vets there have been extremely helpful and comforting through the process. The whole team at UPV are just fantastic, could not recommend another Vet clinic more!

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59 Erindale Road
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Phone: (08) 6318 5300


The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University
90 South Street
Murdoch, Western Australia 6150
Phone: (08) 9360 2876

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210 Karingal Drive
Frankston, Victoria 3199
Phone: (03) 8738 3210

Additional Information

We’ve put together a collection of rabbit care and information sheets to help you feed rabbits properly, identify diseases that often occur, and how to generally care for your beloved pet.

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