Ensuring your pet is up to date with their vaccinations is very important to prevent deadly diseases. Vaccinations involve your pet having a small injection under their skin that allows their body to become familiar with the inactivated disease particles. That way if they are ever exposed to the real disease, they are ready to fight it.

Currently, in Australia, there are no commercially available vaccines for amphibians, guinea pigs, rats, mice, parrots, or reptiles. However, we routinely vaccinate rabbits and ferrets in our local clinics and recommend it as an important part of their preventative health program.

Rabbit vaccination

Rabbit Vaccinations

Rabbits have been widely adopted and domesticated into many households as intelligent, inquisitive and gentle pets. This has led to the research and development of vaccinations for rabbits.

Several caliciviruses have been confirmed in Australia and we regularly see cases present to our clinics. Due to the prevalence, we recommend rabbits be vaccinated annually against calicivirus.


When Should Rabbits Be Vaccinated?

Most rabbits are vaccinated from ten weeks of age. If your rabbit is in a high risk situation (for example they are housed outdoors), then we can discuss giving an additional vaccination under ten weeks of age, with a booster four weeks later. However, for most indoor rabbits, one initial vaccination given after ten weeks of age, with a booster required annually, is appropriate.

Ferret Vaccinations

Ferrets are susceptible to the canine distemper virus. If contracted, it is fatal in most cases. Maintaining your ferret’s vaccination program is essential for their health and wellbeing.

When Should Ferrets Be Vaccinated?

Ferrets should commence their primary vaccination course when they are young, typically between 8-10 weeks of age. They will then require a second vaccination between 12-14 weeks. After this point, a booster is required every year for the rest of their life.

Our vaccination appointments also include full health and dental check-ups for your pet rabbit or ferret.

For more information on our rabbit or ferret vaccinations, please contact us directly or make an appointment online.

Ferret vaccination
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Informative Service

Very nice and informative service. Lovely vet practice, will definitely recommend to others.

Joanne Marsden

Wonderful and Knowledgeable

Wonderful and knowledgable vet. Took time to thoroughly check over my rabbit and answer all the questions I had. Would recommend to other rabbit owners.

Leona Hazel

Caring and Compassionate

Highly recommend, caring and compassionate no matter how small your pet. Thank you to the unusual pet vets for treating our very sick little mouse Moon, she came back to full health and is now enjoying life in a new home with new cage mates.

Kali and Co

Simply The Best

Cannot speak highly enough of the caring and lovely staff at UPV Osborne Park. Particularly to Dr Kelly for the wonderful treatment and compassion she displayed caring for my much loved
Bugz. Definitely recommend this practice. Simply the Best.

Stephen Waddell

A Great Vet For Exotic Pets

It’s a great vet for exotic pets, we would like to thank Dr Kiara and the nurses for all the help they have done for the bunnies especially when they have been unwell.

Gretel – Thankyou for all the tips and advice on what and what not to do with the bunnies.

We will definitely be recommending to all our exotic animal friends.

Jayde Darton

5 Stars All The Way!

Fantastic vets! Staff are so helpful and friendly. Vet’s are brilliant, they show so much love and compassion to our animals. 5 stars all the way!!

Nayre Manookain

A Huge Thank you

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to the gang at Murdoch who helped my family and stimmy Cindy. It was a very stressful time and they assisted us with ease! Pricing was also more than reasonable which we were very grateful for. Thank you guys again, my noodle is now on the mend all to you guys.

Brook Oliver

Excellent Service, Caring and Professional Advice

Excellent service, caring and professional advice, and very good handling for our pet bird, on our first visit today at The Unusual Pet Vets, Jindalee. Very helpful, and they also provided further reading for us via email after our appointment regarding a few things we asked about. All staff were lovely and friendly – from the initial phone booking (you can do internet bookings too) to and including the consult. Thank you very much – we’ll definitely be back! Highly recommend.

Lisa Hack

Received the Best Service

Received the best service from Dr Sasha at the Sunshine Coast clinic. She taught me so much in such a kind manner and was very gentle to my Guinea pig. She then followed up by emailing further information on Guinea pig general care. Highly recommend!

Kate Hunter

Amazing and Caring Staff

Amazing and caring staff at the Ferntree Gully Clinic. Our baby rat was not well, and they always made time to help and support her. Very knowledgeable and compassionate. Would highly recommend and absolutely will use again. Thank you to everyone at Ferntree Gully for being there for us and Tabby.

Vicki Freedman