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We treat all types of birds from chickens to parrots, and even little finches.

Birds make beautiful pets, but to keep that beauty alive and well takes delicate care. This is where our dedicated team of avian veterinarians comes in.

Our flying friends come in all shapes and sizes, colours and species – The Unusual Pet Vets cater to each with the utmost of care. So if you are looking for a skilled poultry vet, exotic bird vet, chicken vet, parrot vet or just an avian veterinarian with a wealth of knowledge and experience, The Unusual Pet Vets are here to help.

We are highly qualified exotic bird vets with clinics located in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast. Our teams have a vast range of expertise in treating a diverse range of birds including:

All parrot species including budgies, eclectus parrots, weiros (cockatiels), cockatoos, corellas, galahs, lovebirds, caiques, rosellas, macaws, conures, alexandrines, indian ring necks, king parrots, princess parrots, lorikeets, and many others

Canaries, finches, and other passerines

Waterbirds like ducks and geese

Chickens of all shapes and sizes

Like us, these beautiful creatures can become unwell and will require attention from a trained avian vet to foster a speedy recovery.

You might have a pet cockatoo or perhaps a pet bird that is slightly more unusual than the norm. Regardless of the type, each bird is best treated by a trusted bird veterinarian with in-depth knowledge of avian medicine.


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Why Choose The Unusual Pet Vets?

The Unusual Pet Vets has a highly skilled team that keeps up to date with the best practices in nutrition, ideal bird home maintenance, care and treatment. In addition to medical care for your pets, we also offer professional advice, fact and care sheets, training courses, and documentation to ensure that your bird remains healthy and is well cared for.

Our team of avian veterinarians provides the latest in quality care and can help with:


General health check-ups including dietary or husbandry discussions

Wing clips

Beak trims

DNA and surgical sexing

Soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery

Behaviour analysis and discussion

Blood and faecal analysis

Advanced diagnostic imaging (x-rays, ultrasounds and CT)

Experienced, highly-qualified team with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in dealing with all types birds

High-tech laboratory and the latest equipment, including onsite surgical and anaesthesia facilities

Patient Story

This little baby Galah came in to see our Murdoch team due to a wound that was present on its neck. The little galah had what is known as a crop fistula, whereby a hole had formed in the crop leading to ingested food oozing out onto the lower neck region. This condition generally requires surgical debridement and repair. 

The Galah was anaesthetised and we are pleased to report that surgery went very well, and the little baby galah went home that same afternoon.

There are a number of causes of this condition including thermal burns from over-heating hand-raising mix, accidental puncturing from a crop tube, infection as well as traumatic injuries.

Baby galah
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Client – Sunshine Coast

There is a great positive vibe felt when you walk in the door! The staff are friendly, caring, and welcoming. Highly recommended. Thank you, from Pepper Pig.


Brad Symons

Client – Ferntree Gully

Very professional vets there! They have the vaccination available when every other vet clinic I called didn’t. They know rabbits so well that I was feeling very comfortable and confident to let them take care of my rabbit even though its further from home!


Danielle Lam

Client – Ferntree Gully

Love the welcoming receptionist and the vet. They treated my fur babies with care and also follow-up the subsequent day, just to make sure my bunnies are recovering well.


Timmy Toppy

Client – Sunshine Coast

The whole team at UPV Sunshine Coast are friendly, accommodating, professional, passionate, and caring! I have regular contact with the team as one of my parrots requires ongoing medication and they are always prompt with sorting out prescriptions and meds. Highly recommend. 


Lee Stone

Client – Sunshine Coast

Thank you to the team at UPV for taking care of Oscar the Eckie! We had a wonderful first appointment and Dr Pat took good care of my little guy, even though he can be nervous and difficult. I really appreciate you guys for going the extra mile to keep Oscar safe and to give him a positive experience.


Kiah Nash

Client – Sunshine Coast

Dr Alex at Buderim clinic was extremely kind and caring. His knowledge about bearded dragons is incredible. He was successful in helping Kiko our bearded dragon get back to optimal health. I was also impressed that he kept me informed twice a day. Many thanks. 


Penny Thompson

Client – Balcatta

Great staff and wonderful doctors, so helpful and caring about our pets. Really appreciated the respect and care given to our little friends.


Adam Cliff

Client – Balcatta

Thank you to Dr Yang for her attempt to help and care my rabbit, Lola. Even though it wasn’t the result we hoped and prayed for Dr Yang was very caring and professional with Lola even letting my mother and I having our last moments with her. We couldn’t be more grateful for that. Even sending us a condolence card in the mail. Dr Yang and team are highly recommended.


Anthony Koomen

Client – Balcatta

Absolutely amazing staff! They are all so caring, supportive, and professional. I had to provide palliative care for two of my older rabbits and the information & support I received from the staff was incredible. 10/10 would recommend! Plus, my rabbits give them the big tick of approval, so really that’s the main thing.


Sarah Manfredi

Client – Balcatta

I cannot speak highly enough of the care that my bird received at The Unusual Pet Vets in Balcatta. Dr Green was in constant contact with me leading up to Chirpy’s surgery and even gave me a call just prior to him going under. I can highly recommend them for any unusual pet you may have.


Sheree Bennison

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