Sterilisation (otherwise known as desexing or neutering) is recommended for many exotic pets, and it is important in preventing a range of problems that can occur later in your pet’s life.

We recommend that rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and rats should all be routinely desexed to prevent a range of issues. In some cases, sterilising your reptile or bird is also indicated for the prevention of some diseases.

Sterlilisations Service

What Are the Different Types of Sterilisation?

The most common form of sterilisation is when animals undergo surgery to remove part of their reproductive tract, this is generally known castration or spay. There are also medical forms of temporary sterilisation that involve hormonal injections or implants.

  • Castration – Castration is the term used when sterilising a male animal and involves the removal of the testicles.
  • Spay – Spay (or spey) is the term commonly used when sterilising a female animal and generally involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus.

In general, either surgery (castration or spay) is a day procedure where your pet is dropped off at our veterinary clinic in the morning, has surgery during the day and then goes home that afternoon or evening.

At What Age Should Exotic Pets Be Sterilised?

Recommended sterilisation ages vary on the species but can be performed as early as 3 months of age in some cases.

Why Should I Sterilise My Exotic Pet?

There are many health and behavioural benefits from sterilising your exotic pet, including:

  • Eliminating the risk of testicular cancer in males
  • A reduction of unwanted behaviours (such as urine spraying, humping/mounting, biting, aggression)
  • Reducing the smell that ferrets give off
  • Eliminating the risk of uterine cancer in females. This is particularly important in rabbits as up to 80% of rabbits over two years of age will develop uterine cancer.
  • Eliminating the risk of cystic ovary disease (particularly important in guinea pigs as this is very common) and ovarian cancer
  • Reducing the risk of mammary cancer development (particularly important in rats)
  • Preventing female ferrets suffering from life-threatening anaemia (low red blood cells) if they are ‘in season’ too long
  • Decreasing the risk of faecal impaction in male guinea pigs

In addition to the benefits listed above, sterilisation prevents any unwanted (and unexpected) pregnancies.

For more information on sterilisation your exotic pet or to make an appointment, please contact your local Unusual Pet Vets team.

Sterlilisations Service
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Client – Ferntree Gully

Amazing place with lovely staff. We first came here after a recommendation from a friend after my rabbit had some problems were quickly able to fix them with a few diet changes. I trust them with my rabbits and i love how much you care for them. Would 100% recommend to people because good rabbit savvy vets are hard to find. Thank you for caring about bunnies and other small animals!

Hannah Biggin

Client – Ferntree Gully

We have been taking out little bunny here for the last 2 years. They have been amazing and so helpful with our bunny. Highly recommend for all buns in the area!

Vanessa Jayasinghe

Client – Sunshine Coast

Dr. Alex and the team were fantastic with our situation and our love bird Harley. Very informative and caring about our pets needs and diagnosis. We got courtesy calls to see how the patient was doing. Highly recommended these guys.

Ricky Scott

Client – Osborne Park

So unbelievably appreciative of these guys! I have used them for my Indian Ring neck Ice for many years, and they are great. My partner and I lost our Guinea Pig a few weeks ago, and in the post was a beautiful condolence card. We both were so touched. Your thoughtful actions do not go a miss!

Sophie Munro

Client – Murdoch

I have been bringing my birds to this vet for a long while as my bird Merlin has long existing health issues. They have been nothing but kind and lovely towards me during moments of stress. They have also given my birds lots of love and care. Especially Dr Lucinda, Dr Brandon and Dr Luke. I appreciate all that you have done for my birds and me. 

Monique Jackson

Client – Jindalee

Absolutely love The Unusual Pet Vets Jindalee. Our two piggies have needed care over the past few years, and I can totally trust The Unusual Pet Vet with that care. Both have had different operations for different diagnoses and being 4years old I was concerned with operating on them however the care undertaken throughout the operation and beyond got them through and back to optimal health quickly. Highly recommend this vet for your Unusual Pet.

Stacy Casten

Client – Peninsula

Every single person I spoke to both on the phone and in person was knowledgeable and patient in answering questions I had. In person, everyone there was clearly skilled and comfortable handling my lizard and helped to easily resolve the concerns I was having both immediately, and via advice for long term care. I cannot recommend enough booking in here if you need care for an animal that is not a cat or dog.


Client – Sunshine Coast

There is a great positive vibe felt when you walk in the door! The staff are friendly, caring, and welcoming. Highly recommended. Thank you, from Pepper Pig.

Brad Symons

Client – Ferntree Gully

Very professional vets there! They have the vaccination available when every other vet clinic I called didn’t. They know rabbits so well that I was feeling very comfortable and confident to let them take care of my rabbit even though its further from home!

Danielle Lam

Client – Ferntree Gully

Love the welcoming receptionist and the vet. They treated my fur babies with care and also follow-up the subsequent day, just to make sure my bunnies are recovering well.

Timmy Toppy