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The eccentric, inquisitive ferret has been domesticated for longer than many realise, dating back more than a thousand years. However, only as recently as 30 years ago has it become a popular household pet and part of the family.

These small animals are extremely intelligent, making them receptive to training for a number of tricks and habits – they will even learn how to use a litter box just like cats.

Though the ferret has a similar appearance to the family of rodents, they are actually members of the carnivorous mustelid family – alongside animals such as weasels, otters and badgers.

Experts In Ferret Health

The Unusual Pet Vets are seasoned ferret vets in Perth and Melbourne with wide arching expertise in ferret care. Our knowledge and experience of all things to do with keeping ferrets as pets makes us your ferret veterinary of choice. The services and attentive ferret care we offer covers all aspects of your ferret’s life, including managing the pungent odour a ferret that has yet to be sterilised gives off.

Despite spending the bulk of their time in a cage, ferrets enjoy a healthy amount of social interaction and care as well as freedom. Ferrets enjoy the freedom to occasionally stretch their legs and roam around the home; they are playful, fun and always lively.

This does also mean they need more special attention than your average everyday pet. Ferret heartworm treatment, ferret vaccinations and ferret desexing are all part and parcel of ensuring your ferret enjoys a happy life.

Prevention Is The Best Medicine!

Sadly, ferrets are susceptible to several medical conditions, especially adrenal disease and intestinal blockages (a consequence of scoffing down scores of inedible items that have no business in their little bodies).

Like other animals, ferrets will exhibit signs and symptoms that they are not well. We will teach you what these are so when the time comes they will be able to get the treatment they need as soon as possible.

Ferret Care

Based in Perth and Melbourne, our experienced team of ferret vets will provide your ferret with advanced veterinary care. The diverse range of services we offer will give your ferret the opportunity to live a life every ferret hopes for. The services we offer include:

Ferret Care

Health check-ups including dietary and housing requirements

Ferret vaccinations to prevent illness and disease

Medical advice and advanced testing

Ferret heartworm and flea treatment

Ferret desexing

Surgery and hospital care

Dental work

Experienced, highly-qualified team with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in dealing with all types birds

High-tech laboratory and the latest equipment, including onsite surgical and anaesthesia facilities

Patient Story

Princess the ferret came in for a scheduled dental scale at our Peninsula clinic.

Ferrets benefit greatly from a regular dental care plan as they are prone to developing dental tartar build up and gingivitis. We recommend basic teeth brushing a few times a week (ideally daily) however understand that in most cases that is a lot easier said than done! Many ferrets won’t tolerate brushing very well and in those cases a dental scale and polish once every 12-36 months helps greatly with maintaining healthy teeth!

Princess was anaesthetised and we performed the dental procedure. The tartar build-up was scaled away and a periodontal probe was used to check and clean below the gum line. We finished by polishing Princess’ teeth until they were pearly white and sparkling!

Princess was on her best behaviour and earned herself our ‘Patient of the Day’ award.

Princess ferret page
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Absolutely exceptional, every team member I encountered conducted themselves with absolute professionalism, compassion and care, and should be commended for their awesome work especially with the changed conditions they have had to accommodate for during COVID19.

Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Thank you for going above and beyond to make the loss of our little man Winnie (ferret) as peaceful and painless as possible.



Thank you UPV for taking such good care of my ferret Verity during her dental procedure the other day. She recovered so well, and it was so great having the vet explain everything so clearly to me. All the staff were so nice and friendly, and I could really tell that they loved my fur baby as much as I do!



I couldn’t have asked for better care thanks again to Dr Shane and Dr Hamish and all the nurses that helped look after our ferret Coco at Unusual Pet vets Peninsula clinic.

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