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Thanks for taking the time to get in touch with us and for your interest in referral. The Unusual Pet Vets receive many enquiries each day for case advice and management, and we have put this page together to try and help streamline the referral / case advice process for us and for referring clinicians.

If you are looking to refer a case to The Unusual Pet Vets, please click this link to our referral form that will be emailed directly to your nearest clinic.

Please note, that due to the number of enquiries we receive, we are no longer in a position to give out information pertaining to dose rates or surgical guides. We have however put together some helpful resource links below.

Does rates

Dose Rates

If you are interested in dose rates, ranges, or anaesthetic protocols, we recommend Carpenter’s Exotic Animal Formulary (available here) for all the most up-to-date exotic pet drug regimes. Unfortunately, because of the very delicate nature of most exotic pets and because the majority of drugs are off-label, without examining the animal ourselves; it is impossible to advise specific dose rates or regimes.

Surgery technique

Surgical Techniques

If your enquiry is regarding specific surgical techniques, there are several great references that are available in exotics that will help to guide you. For rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, rodent, avian, or reptile recommended texts, please click on the species you require and you will be taken to our best recommendation for a reference text and e-books.



If you are looking to have radiographs, CT images or blood results interpreted please either contact your local laboratory or we recommend VetCT for diagnostic reports, they can be contacted from this link to the VetCT page, and a specialist radiologist will provide you with a report.

If the information above does not help then please feel free to get in contact with us by filling in the contact form below:

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