Our staff

In 2012, The Unusual Pet Vets founder, Dr James Haberfield, identified a need for cutting edge and high standards of veterinary care to be accessible and exclusive to exotic pets and their owners.

Many general vet practitioners aren’t confident about the healthcare and husbandry requirements of exotic pets, but we are the trusted experts in this field. Exotic and unusual pets require delicate and expert care. Our team of vets and nurses are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the care and treatment of birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, mice and rats, axolotls, frogs, and even our aquatic and invertebrate friends.

As unusual and exotic pet ownership grows, the need for dedicated and tailored veterinary care for these patients has increased, and exotic pet owners living in Perth (Murdoch and Osborne Park), Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and surrounds can have peace of mind that our vet clinics focus solely on the scaly, feathered, slimy, crawly and furry pocket-size pets.

Our combined experience in the unique needs and husbandry of exotic pets, combined with the extensive amount of time we have dedicated to learning and practicing exotic pet medicine and surgery, means that we can offer the highest standards of veterinary care for extraordinary pets.

We have state-of-the-art clinics in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Adelaide that supports the care and treatment we provide to unusual and exotic pets with laboratory, radiology, surgical and anaesthesia facilities on-site.

You can always trust that your pet will be under the care of a qualified team with a wealth of experience.

Our Locations

For all your exotic pet health care needs, you can visit The Unusual Pet Vets in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or Adelaide. We pride ourselves on offering the highest standards of veterinary care and customer service.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of veterinary services for reptiles, birds and small mammals including; health checks, dental surgery, desexing, vaccinations, beak trims, disease screening and more.

Our Facilities

Our clinics are equiped with the latest diagnostic equipment including; high-tech microscope, a biochemistry machine, digital radiography (x-ray), ultrasound, specialised endoscopy.