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At Brisbane Bird Vets, we are 100% dedicated to the health and well-being of avian companions. We approach avian health with unparalleled respect and kindness, and our expert team believes in the synergy of science, education, and human compassion for optimal avian care.

Our purpose-built veterinary clinic is a testament to our dedication to providing the most recent medical technology, medicine, and surgery. We foster unique partnerships with bird owners, offering education, individualised care, and exceptional service to enhance the lives of our feathered friends.

Our Services

Brisbane Bird Vets takes immense pride in providing a comprehensive avian veterinary experience. As an exclusive ‘birds only’ veterinary practice, our expert knowledge allows our team to deliver a complete range of services, including:

  • Primary care and referrals
  • New bird examinations
  • Annual health examinations
  • In house pathology
  • Full complement of external laboratories
  • Fully equipped surgery including orthopaedic
  • Accident and emergency care
  • Preventative medicine and wellness examinations
  • Behavioural management and advice
  • Nutritional advice
  • Flock health
  • Reproductive assessment
  • Enrichment merchandise and advice
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What Is The FlyStart Package?

Our FlyStart package is an all-inclusive package made for bird owners. The first few months with any new pet can be daunting, so this package will give you peace of mind while providing your bird with premium veterinary care.

Whether you’re a proud new parent to a chirpy companion or a seasoned bird aficionado seeking to streamline your bird’s veterinary needs, our Standard or Gold FlyStart Package has you covered.

What Is The FlockStart Package?

The FlockStart Package is designed as a cost-effective, one-stop health assessment for your flock. The idea is to give you peace of mind and to ensure that your chickens are as healthy as possible.

Often backyard poultry flocks may appear healthy, but there are common conditions that can affect their health, the production of eggs, and potentially the health of the people that are eating the eggs.


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