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Welcome to the Unusual Pet Vets

The Unusual Pet Vets provide veterinary services for reptiles, birds and small mammals. At The Unusual Pet Vets, we love your exotic pets as much as you do – which we know is a lot – so for the course of their lives, we will continue to care for them just as you would.


We are experts in keeping rabbits healthy. This takes more than the occasional carrot – it takes years of accumulated knowledge, experience and skill.


Our flying friends come in all shapes, sizes, colours and species. Here at The Unusual Pet Vets, we cater to each breed of bird with the utmost of care.


We have a true understanding of what it means to take care of your reptilian pets. From bearded dragons to snakes, we treat all types of reptiles.

Guinea pigs
Guinea Pigs

The Unusual Pet Vets are guinea pig vets that can offer your loved ones the best in care, treatment and help to promote good health.


Our team of veterinarians love ferrets! Our expertise, high-level knowledge and experience make us your ferret veterinary of choice.

Rats & Mice
Rats & Mice

Our knowledge and care extends to rat and mouse care as well. The Unusual Pet Vets are located in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane and are highly experienced when it comes to pocket pet health.


Struggling to find a vet to see your frog or axolotl? Well, look no further. Our team of veterinarians can provide advanced care for all types of amphibians.


Finding expert advice and healthcare for pet fish in Perth, Melbourne & Brisbane can be tricky. The Unusual Pet Vets provide a range of services including surgery for pet fish of all shapes and sizes.

Why Choose Us?

We are an experienced team of veterinarians with clinics located in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile as your preferred pet doctors. A veterinarian for canine companions and feline friends is not hard to come by, but exotic veterinary services are quite unique, and we dedicate our time to focus solely on the scaly, feathered, slimy, crawly and furry pocket-size pets.

Every pet that visits the Unusual Pet Vets are given the same high standard of care and attention – the kind that ensures they live a happy and healthy life.

Why choose us cockatoo

Your pet will be under the care of a qualified team with a wealth of experience.

Our treatment is supported by a state-of-the-art clinic with laboratory and surgical and anaesthesia facilities on-site.

We offer care sheets, training courses and documentation to ensure that your pet remains happy and healthy.

We offer sound advice on nutrition and husbandry that will help you provide the best care for your pet.

We were the first dedicated clinic in Western Australia to not see any dogs and cats and focus solely on the care of unusual and exotic pets. From there we have expanded to offer these unique services to unusual pet owners in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Life is a little too short for it not to be done right – for the best in exotic pet care, call us today!

Book Online

Booking your unusual pets appointment has never been easier. You can book online today using our integrated and real-time scheduling service.

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Our Services

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The first few months with any new pet can be daunting so we have developed a range of packages that will give you peace of mind while providing your new pet with premium veterinary care.

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Sterilisation (Desexing)

Sterilisation (otherwise known as desexing or neutering) is important in preventing many problems that can occur later in your pet’s life.

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Have an unusual pet? It can also be difficult to know whether your animal is healthy and being properly looked after.

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While any surgery or anaesthetic has risks, we try to minimise these by ensuring that your pet gets the best care possible.

Our services



Fantastic care as always for our bunny with gut stasis. They called to bring our appointment forward to make sure that he received any necessary care as quickly as possible and gave us great information about the problem and the follow-up care and treatment. So reassuring to know that you are in expert hands.


A wonderful clinic that accepted an adorable, yet dazed Eastern Yellow Robin after it flew into my window. It was such a relief this service was available on a Sunday afternoon before a public holiday. Such commitment to preserving the wellness of our beautiful native wildlife must be commended, we’re so fortunate to have these dedicated saints.


Absolutely the best vet, they are so caring and dedication to their job. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you.


Every vet has been amazing, caring and have put in that extra mile. When Larry was in hospital, I received texts and videos, which was heart-warming. Thank you all – although the birds don’t show that they enjoy their visits and may scream the place down (lol), we all do appreciate it. XX


Could not recommend the whole team here highly enough! Always makes my 19-year-old weiro Mac (and his very stressed Mumma) feel at ease while giving him the highest quality care I could ever hope for.


The staff are truly amazing they go above and beyond any normal vet care even taking my baby home with them to monitor her. I Highly recommend them!


Fantastic staff! Would recommend this place to anyone! Full of knowledge and help. Felt very comfortable as soon as I walked through the door, helped me tremendously! Definitely the place to take your exotic pet.


Everything about this Vet is amazing! I have had such comforting experiences here due to good or bad circumstances. The staff here are all so kind, compassionate and are very knowledgeable. So fortunate to have Vets like this!


Brilliant service and wonderful vets. Everyone there is very experienced with our unusual family members.


Very kind and helpful Vets and staff. I am so glad to have been passed on to this clinic for my unusual pet’s and I wish I had known about them sooner!

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