Birds can make absolutely lovely, beautiful pets and we treat all types from parrots to finches to chickens and more. Our dedicated team of avian veterinarians caters to each species with the utmost care.

Here, we cover a variety of topics relating to birds, including one of our questions we hear the most: How do I know the sex of my pet bird? We also cover common household materials that can be toxic to your pet bird and so much more.

Check back regularly as we have many new and exciting bird-related blogs to come!

Two pet chickens in a backyard, highlighting proper pet chicken care 01/08/2023

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Pet Chickens

Chickens make wonderful pets, endearing themselves to many with their unique personalities and interesting behaviours. Caring for chickens is relatively easy, but ensuring they receive the right vacci...
Cockatoo eating grass 31/07/2023

Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease: A Comprehensive Guide

Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) is a viral infection that affects parrots and other avian species, and can significantly impact their health. Understanding the symptoms, modes of transmissi...
Learn about lipomas in birds, how they are diagnosed, treated and early detection. 16/05/2023

Lipomas in Pet Birds

The development of a lump or mass on a pet bird can be worrying for pet owners with some being more sinister than others.
Knowing what a ringneck and alexandrine parrot can eat is essential to maintaining the best care for these pets. 08/02/2023

Caring For Ringneck and Alexandrine Parrots

Ringneck and Alexandrine parrots are intelligent, curious and social birds that can make excellent pets in the right home. Many are very playful and vocal. Ringneck parrots are available in a wide ran...
Managing reprodcutive drive birds 26/09/2022

Managing Reproductive Drive in Companion Birds

Behavioural and medical disorders relating to excessive reproductive drive are some of the most common problems we encounter in both female AND male pet parrots. Often owners are completely unaware th...
Caring for your quail 30/05/2022

Caring For Your Quail

Quails make great pets and are quite easy to care for. Many people fall in love with their funny little personalities and their quirky behaviour.
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