Birds can make absolutely lovely, beautiful pets and we treat all types from parrots to finches to chickens and more. Our dedicated team of avian veterinarians caters to each species with the utmost care.

Here, we cover a variety of topics relating to birds, including one of our questions we hear the most: How do I know the sex of my pet bird? We also cover common household materials that can be toxic to your pet bird and so much more.

Check back regularly as we have many new and exciting bird-related blogs to come!

Caring for your quail 30/05/2022

Caring For Your Quail

Quails make great pets and are quite easy to care for. Many people fall in love with their funny little personalities and their quirky behaviour.
two baby birds 13/12/2021

Hand Rearing Companion Birds

Most companion avian species are ‘altricial’, where newly hatched chicks lack feathers, have closed eyes and limited mobility. Unlike ‘precocial’ species, these babies are dependent on parenta...
Overgrown Beak 23/09/2021

Avian Beak Overgrowth

Beak overgrowth is fairly common in avian species, as the beak grows long, it can impair your bird’s ability to eat, groom and drink normally. A healthy bird wears their beak down and does not requi...
Avian liver disease 23/09/2021

Avian Liver Disease

Liver disease in the avian patient is a broad term that relates to inflammation, infection, or degeneration of your bird’s liver. There are a broad range of causes for this group of conditions, the ...
Pigeon and Dove Care 03/08/2021

Pigeon and Dove Care

Pigeons and doves can make lovely pets. They are suitable for homes that enjoy quieter birds, producing a soft and calming coo compared to our more vocal parrots.
chronic egg 03/06/2021

Chronic Egg-Laying in Birds

Chronic egg-laying is when your bird lays eggs more often than it should. Laying an egg places huge metabolic demands on your bird, and over time excessive egg-laying can lead to problems. An inapprop...
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