Birds can make absolutely lovely, beautiful pets and we treat all types from parrots to finches to chickens and more. Our dedicated team of avian veterinarians caters to each species with the utmost care.

Here, we cover a variety of topics relating to birds, including one of our questions we hear the most: How do I know the sex of my pet bird? We also cover common household materials that can be toxic to your pet bird and so much more.

Check back regularly as we have many new and exciting bird-related blogs to come!

Blog preview image chickens 28/07/2020

Reproductive Disease in Backyard Chickens

Many chickens develop reproductive disease over time. We look at the common types of reproductive disease in chickens, the signs to look out for, and some of the available treatment options.
Cockatiel care blog image 03/07/2020

Caring For Your Cockatiel (Weiro)

The cockatiel, or weiro as it is generally known in WA, is a semi-arid bird species that is found in many parts of Australia. Males and females both make great pets, and they’re fairly easy to keep....
upv budgie care blog 01/06/2020

Caring For Pet Budgies

Budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus), commonly known as budgies, can make wonderful pets. They are generally inquisitive, social birds that are relatively easy to keep. There are many colour varie...
a trainer with parrots 01/06/2020

Behavioural Training For Birds

Behavioural training can be a great way to build and maintain a healthy, trusting relationship with your bird. This article summarises some of the key concepts involved in behavioural training, as ...
Feather Destructive Behaviour in Birds 15/05/2020

Feather Destructive Behaviour in Birds

Feather destructive behaviour in birds may be a symptom of many different diseases and has no one single cause. Unfortunately, it is also a very common condition encountered in a huge range of species...
bird visiting vet 14/02/2020

DNA Sexing in Pet Birds

How do I tell the gender of my pet bird? Why is it important to know the sex of a pet bird? Many of our clients come to us with these questions and concerns, so we decided to dedicate a blog to this t...
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