Birds can make absolutely lovely, beautiful pets and we treat all types from parrots to finches to chickens and more. Our dedicated team of avian veterinarians caters to each species with the utmost care.

Here, we cover a variety of topics relating to birds, including one of our questions we hear the most: How do I know the sex of my pet bird? We also cover common household materials that can be toxic to your pet bird and so much more.

Check back regularly as we have many new and exciting bird-related blogs to come!

Common Household Toxics Birds 01/02/2018

Common Household Items That Are Toxic to Birds

Pet birds and parrots are curious by nature, and their inquisitive behaviour and desire to chew and explore household items can be a cause for concern. There are many household substances and products...
Chronic egg laying in birds 29/04/2016

Chronic Egg Laying in Birds

Chronic Egg-laying is when your bird lays eggs more often than they should. Excessive egg laying can also accompany certain disease processes.
heavy metal poisoning in parrots 27/09/2015

Heavy Metal Poisoning in Parrots

Parrots are inquisitive animals that love to chew on almost anything. One of the problems we see regularly is when they accidently ingest items that they were never supposed to eat!
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