How To Administer Liquid Medication To Your Bird

Dr Hamish shares a practical video guide on how you can administer liquid medication to your pet bird from the comfort of your home.

How To Medicate Your Snake With Oral Liquid Medication

Administering liquid oral medication to your pet snake can be tricky. Dr James Haberfield demonstrates how this can safely and easily be done at home. 

How To Administer Oral Medication To A Lizard

Pet lizards and monitors sometimes require medication following a surgical procedure or as part of a treatment plan. Dr James Haberfield shares some great tips and tricks and demonstrates how you can give your lizard the oral medication it requires.

How To Administer A Sub-Cut Injection To A Rabbit

Dr Kelly Giles demonstrates an easy-to-follow technique on how you can administer a sub-cut injection to your rabbit. Dr Kelly shows you how how to draw up the medication into the syringe and how to confidently administer the injection in the right place. 

How To Clip Your Guinea Pigs Nails

Just like dogs and cats, guinea pigs also need to have their nails maintained. The frequency that they need a nail trim will depend on their environment! Guinea Pigs can be wriggly when it comes to trimming their nails, but Dr James will show you how this can be done at home.

How To Sex Your Pet Rat

It is important to identify the gender of your pet rats as this will eliminate unwanted pregnancy if you house multiple rats together. We see many pet rats present to us having been incorrectly sexed. Dr James will walk you through how you can determine the gender of your pet rat.

How To Medicate Your Chicken With A Tablet

There may come a time when you need to administer an oral medication in the form of a tablet to your chicken. While this sounds daunting to many people it is generally easier than you might think. Dr James will demonstrate the best technique on how this can be done with one person. 

How To Clip Your Birds' Nails

The frequency that your bird needs their nails trimmed depends a lot on their living environment. Dr James Haberfield talks about the advantages and disadvantages of two different methods that can be used when clipping your birds’ nails in the comfort of your own home.

How To Administer An Injection To Your Snake

Snakes sometimes require medications that are injected rather than given orally as this method of administration is more effective with certain types of medication. Dr James demonstrates in this step-by-step video how you can administer medication to your snake via injection.

How To Give Your Guinea Pig Oral Medication

Sometimes Guinea Pigs need to be given oral medication such as pain relief or antibiotics and Dr James shares some great tips and demonstrates how you can do this at home. The same practice can be applied if your Guinea Pig needs to be syringe fed oral feeding solutions.

How To Administer Oral Medication To Your Ferret

It can be a challenge to administer medication to your Ferret. In this video,  Dr James Haberfield demonstrates and shares some tips and tricks on how you can medicate your ferret with oral liquid medication in the comfort of your home.

How To Administer Oral Medication To Your Rabbit

Often having a second set of hands can be very helpful for when you need to give your pet rabbit oral medication but it is a task that can be tackled on your own with right techniques being applied. Dr James Haberfield will demonstrate and guide you through using great techniques.