Providing The Best Veterinary Care For Your Pet Guinea Pig

You have mulled over the idea of either a dog or a cat but neither quite appeals to you. Instead, you have opted to get a guinea pig – great choice!

These sweet little creatures are such charming and sociable pets. Their size alone makes them great pets – they are too big to lose but just small enough to be held in your hands.

Experts in Guinea Pig Health

To ensure a healthy, happy life, your guinea pig will depend on you for a few things; a balanced diet, secure housing in the form of a well-maintained hutch, awesome company and medical care provided by a trustworthy guinea pig vet.

The Unusual Pet Vets are guinea pig vets based in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane that can offer your loved ones the best in guinea pig care, treatment and help to promote good health.

The reason so many guinea pigs in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane find themselves being brought in for a visit at The Unusual Pet Vets isn’t just the fine guinea pig care they receive but the expert advice offered. We can teach you all there is to know; from housing to nutrition, preventative healthcare and everything in between.

We Offer A Range Of Guinea Pig Veterinary Services

Belonging to the cavy family of rodents, a guinea pig’s health is inseparable from their diet. Guinea pigs are herbivores with teeth that never stop growing. Their dentistry is managed by the constant grinding on food and of course, visits to us.

Their diet consists primarily of hay, water, pellets/chaff and vegetables. However, our cute little friends are unable to synthesise their own Vitamin C so striking the balance of vitamin C rich vegetables and pellets is not to be taken for granted.

With our wide range of services, we can ensure that your guinea pig is living the healthiest and happiest life that it can. Our veterinarians each have a special interest and experience with exotic and unusual pets, especially guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig Vet Clinic
Guinea Pig Vet Clinic

At The Unusual Pet Vets, we can guarantee that your guinea pig will receive quality care. In particular, we can help your guinea pig with:

Health check-ups including dietary and housing requirements


Medical problems

Breeding advice

Surgery and hospital care

Dental work

The charmers of the rodent family deserve to live their best life. To make sure they do, send them to a guinea pig vet that really cares.

Patient Story

Ana is a gorgeous guinea pig who was diagnosed with having cystic ovaries, a condition that we see commonly in unsterilised female guinea pigs. In mild cases the cysts generally don’t cause many problems however when they get larger (or start to secrete lots of hormones) they can start to cause pain, hair loss, a crusty appearance around the nipples, weight loss, inappetence and/or lethargy.

In most cases the treatment for cystic ovarian disease is to sterilise the patient by performing an ovariohysterectomy, which is what was performed in Ana’s case. She received intravenous fluids throughout her procedure, and we monitored a range of parameters including her heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and oxygen saturation levels during her anaesthesia and recovery.

Problematic cysts generally range from 1-7cm in diameter. One of Ana’s cysts was very large and needed to be drained prior to removal. 7mls of liquid was drained from the cyst before successfully completing her surgery.

Ana handled the anaesthesia and surgery like a champion and she’s now home and on her way to making a full recovery.

Ana guinea pig case
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I had my guinea pig Dasher booked in for castration and microchipping as part of the Hop Start Package and the staff there were very friendly, insightful, professional and helped to calm my nerves about the surgery. All went really really well and Dasher is loving his new food. I highly recommend them.



Expert advice and attention to detail. Follow-up information packages are so useful! But above all, very warm, compassionate and caring staff. Thank you so much for looking at our guinea pigs!



Thank you to the UPV’s, the care & support they provided to myself and my little piggy ‘Bo’ at a very difficult time was absolutely amazing. Such a great team, that genuinely care. I highly recommend them to any pet owners seeking veterinary advice. Keep up the great work guys!



Ivy, our guinea pig wasn’t eating at all for days when I brought her to them on Monday this week. Dr Samuel Loughridge was very thorough and recommended several home treatments for us.
Fast forward to the end of the week, Ivy is now back to being healthy and no longer severely underweight. The Unusual Pet Vets will be our go-to vet from now on!



As a long-time owner of Guinea pigs, finding a vet who knew their stuff has always been challenging. When moving area meant finding another vet, I was anxious. We were told about the Unusual Pet Vet by a friend and they have exceeded expectations. Several of our pigs have been cared for by the team and their care of us and our pets has been exemplary. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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Additional Information

We’ve put together a collection of guinea pig care and information sheets to help you feed guinea pigs properly, identify diseases that often occur, and how to generally care for your beloved pet.

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