Guinea Pig Care and Treatment you can count on

You have mulled over the idea of either a dog or a cat but neither quite appeals to you. Instead, you have opted to get a guinea pig – great choice!

These sweet little creatures are such charming and sociable pets. Their size alone makes them great pets – they are too big to lose but just small enough to be held in your hands. Your guinea pigs will, however, depend on you for a few things; a balanced diet, secure housing in the form of a well-maintained hutch, awesome company and medical care provided by a trustworthy guinea pig vet.

The Unusual Pet Vets are guinea pig vets based in Perth and Melbourne that can offer your loved ones the best in guinea pig care, treatment and health.  The reason so many guinea pigs in Perth and Melbourne find themselves being brought in for a visit at The Unusual Pet Vets isn’t just the fine guinea pig care they receive but the expert advice offered. We can teach you all there is to know from housing to breeding and everything in between.

Food for Thought

Belonging to the cavy family of rodents, a guinea pig’s health is inseparable from their diet. Guinea pigs are herbivores with teeth that never stop growing. Their dentistry is managed by the constant grinding on food and of course, visits to us. Their diet consists primarily of hay, water, pellets/chaff and vegetables. However, our cute little friends are unable to synthesise their own Vitamin C so striking the balance of vitamin C rich vegetables and pellets is not to be taken for granted.

With our wide range of services, we can ensure that your guinea pig is living the healthiest and happiest life that it can.

Our veterinarians each have a special interest and experience with exotic and unusual pets, especially guinea pigs. At The Unusual Pet Vets, we can guarantee that your guinea pig will receive quality care.

In particular, we can help your guinea pig with:

  • Health check-ups including dietary and housing requirements
  • Desexing
  • Medical Problems
  • Breeding advice
  • Surgery and hospital care
  • Dental work

For further information on the guinea pig care please see our range of guinea pig care sheets.

The charmers of the rodent family deserve to live their best life. To make sure they do, send them to a guinea pig vet that really cares.