Package Includes

Flock Health Assessment Chlamydia Testing
Faecal testing Blood Lead Analysis
Crop Wash Feather Microscopy
Flystart Package for Birds

What is the Flockstart Package?

The FlockStart Package is designed as a cost-effective, one-stop health assessment for your flock. The idea is to give you peace of mind and to ensure that your chickens are as healthy as possible.

Often backyard poultry flocks may appear healthy, but there are common conditions that can affect their health, the production of eggs, and potentially the health of the people that are eating the eggs.

What is Included in the Flockstart Package?

  • Flock Heath Assessment:
    A comprehensive health assessment including a review of the diet and feeding practices.
  • Faecal Testing:
    To assess for internal parasites and other pathogenic organisms.
  • Crop Wash:
    For assessment of giardia, trichomonas and spirochaetes.
Silkie chicken
Chicken Brown
  • Chlamydia Testing:
    Chlamydia psittaci testing to check for avian chlamydial infections which is a bacterial infection that can cause disease in both chickens and people.
  • Blood Lead Analysis:
    To check lead levels within your flock; this is especially important for free-range chickens housed on soil that has been exposed to high levels of lead. Lead toxicosis can not only affect exposed chickens, but also accumulates within the yolk and can cause disease in humans (especially children) that eat the eggs.
  • Feather Microscopy:
    To check for feather mites and lice.

How much does it cost?

  • One Representative Bird – $610
  • Two Representative Birds – $870


How Do I Sign Up for the FlockStart Package?

You can sign up to the FlockStart package by phoning your Unusual Pet Vets team or stopping into the clinic.

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