Health and Dental Check-up Nail Clip
Microchip and Registration A bag of recommended food
Sterilisation (Desexing) A bag of yummy treats!
Rats & Mice

What is the HopStart package?

Our HopStart package is an all-inclusive package made for rat owners. The first few months with any new pet can be daunting so this package will give you peace of mind while providing your rat with premium veterinary care. It is designed for new rat owners who are just starting with a baby rat or owners of mature rat who just haven’t had time to organise getting all their rat’s vet work done.

What is included in the Rat HopStart package?

  • Sterilisation:
    Sterilisation (desexing) is a very important part of preventative health care in rats. A number of problems can occur if your rat is left un-sterilised including reproductive and mammary tumours. In almost all cases, sterilised rats will bond better with their owners and other rats. Our Hopstart package covers all costs associated with either surgical sterilisation or medical sterilisation (with a hormonal implant). We can discuss both of these options with you to help decide what is best for your rat.
  • Microchipping and Registration:
    Microchip identification is a safe and highly effective means of identifying your pet. Microchips enable lost rats to be reunited with their owners. Microchip implantation and lifetime registration on a national database are included in the package.
Rats & Mice
Rats & Mice
  • Health and Dental Check:
    Rats will often hide underlying illness’ from their owners. Our HopStart package includes a full health and dental check over by one of our rat vets.
  • Nails, Food and Treats:
    Long nails are no fun for anyone! We’ll clip your rat’s nails and then send them home with a bag of recommended rat food, as well as some yummy treats!

How much does it cost?

  • Females (surgically desexing): $520
  • Males (surgically desexing): $470
  • Either sex (medical desexing with a hormonal implant): $440

How do I sign up for the Rat HopStart package?

You can sign up for the HopStart packaging by phoning your Unusual Pet Vets team or stopping into the clinic.

Rats & Mice