Package Includes

Comprehensive health check-up Faecal testing
Microchipping and registration Nail clip and wing clip (if desired)
Chlamydia testing A bag of recommended food
Complete blood count testing DNA Sexing

What is the FlyStart package?

Our FlyStart package is an all-inclusive package made for bird owners. The first few months with any new pet can be daunting so this package will give you peace of mind while providing your bird with premium veterinary care. It is designed for new bird owners who are just starting with a baby bird or owners of mature birds who just haven’t had time to organise getting all their bird’s vet work done.

What is included in the FlyStart package?

  • Comprehensive Health Check-Up:
    Birds are very good at hiding underlying illnesses from their owners. Our FlyStart package includes a full health check over by one of our bird vets.
  • DNA Sexing:
    Ever wondered what sex your bird is? With a drop of blood which is then sent to a lab, we can confirm your suspicions if your bird is a boy or girl. Knowing the sex of your bird can help us to advise on different tactics to prevent future sex-specific reproductive problems such as excessive egg laying or aggression.
  • Microchipping and Registration:
    Microchip identification is a safe and highly effective means of identifying your pet. Microchips enable lost birds to be reunited with their owners. Microchip implantation and lifetime registration on a national database is included in the package.
Beak Correction
Wing Clipping
  • Chlamydia Testing:
    Chlamydia is a common infectious disease seen in birds that can also be transmitted to humans. Testing for Chlamydia is recommended for all new birds and is included in our package. 
  • Complete Blood Count Testing:
    A complete blood count is also included as it helps us screen for other infections and inflammation as well as allowing us to better interpret the Chlamydia test results.
  • Nails, Wings, And Recommended Food:
    Long nails are no fun for anyone! We’ll clip your bird’s nails and then send them home with a bag of recommended bird food. We can also clip your birds’ wings if desired.

How much does it cost?

The cost of our Flystart package is $480 and includes all of the above services.

How do I sign up to the Flystart package?

You can sign up to the Flystart packaging by phoning your Unusual Pet Vets team or stopping into the clinic.