Dental disease is commonly seen in exotic pets. Unlike dogs and cats, the signs can vary species to species, and they can be subtle. If left untreated, it can cause discomfort and severe health issues.

For this reason, regular dental checks are recommended for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and dragons. Regular cleanings for the likes of ferrets and bearded dragons is also recommended to prevent and remove plaque and tartar build-up.

At The Unusual Pet Vets, we have specialised equipment that allows us to perform a range of dental procedures on exotic pets to prevent dental disease development and treat impacted, overgrown, infected and abscessed teeth.

What Exotic Pets Do You Perform Dental Procedures on?

We perform dentistry and dental surgery on rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, and some reptile species such as bearded dragons.


How Do You Identify if an Exotic Pet Needs Dentistry?

Dental disease can often be diagnosed by an intraoral examination (looking inside the mouth) by an experienced exotic vet. A specialised speculum or otoscope is used to look inside the pet’s mouth.

In some cases, dental disease is not always obvious during an intraoral exam, and in these cases, radiographs (x-rays), CT, or an examination under general anaesthesia may be recommended. This will help identify how advanced the dental disease is, which will allow planning for the treatment and dental procedure.

What Are the Types of Dentistry You Perform on Exotic Pets?

Scale and Polish

This process involves the ultrasonic scaling of tartar off each tooth and then polishing them. This procedure is often performed to prevent the progression of dental disease. Both ferrets and dragons (especially bearded dragons) can benefit from an annual scale and polish.

Dental Float – Correction of Cheek Teeth

This is commonly performed on rabbits and guinea pigs when there is a formation of sharp spikes or spurs on the cheek teeth, or the teeth have grown to be too long and growing in the wrong direction. In general, these must be corrected with a specialised dental bur while under anaesthetic.


Correction or Removal of Incisor Teeth in Rabbits

Malocclusion of the front incisor teeth is usually a result of problems with the cheek teeth, or the rabbit being born with abnormal jaw alignment, which leads to problems with the way the teeth oppose each other.

If there are only mild changes in the shape and curvature of the incisors, then correction as well as solving the primary cheek teeth problem (if present) may be all that is needed. Once the incisors are not meeting, they are not helping the animal and as they can grow quickly, they often require trimming every 3-4 weeks. Often once this occurs, it is best to remove them as this offers a more permanent solution.

Removal of Tooth Root Abscesses

Tooth root abscesses are often seen as firm lumps on the lower or upper jaw. Treatment generally requires the removal of the bony abscess and the tooth. Depending on the tooth involved, this often requires a surgical approach with a drainage hole left to allow for the flushing of the abscess. Injectable antibiotics and regular revisits are often required postoperatively.

It is important to note that depending on the severity of the dental problems your exotic pet displays, intervention may need to be ongoing and lifelong. For some patients this means regularly dental corrections anywhere from every 4 weeks to every 12 months. This can often be predicted with radiographs or a CT scan, but sometimes only time will tell.

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Client – Sunshine Coast

There is a great positive vibe felt when you walk in the door! The staff are friendly, caring, and welcoming. Highly recommended. Thank you, from Pepper Pig.

Brad Symons

Client – Ferntree Gully

Very professional vets there! They have the vaccination available when every other vet clinic I called didn’t. They know rabbits so well that I was feeling very comfortable and confident to let them take care of my rabbit even though its further from home!

Danielle Lam

Client – Ferntree Gully

Love the welcoming receptionist and the vet. They treated my fur babies with care and also follow-up the subsequent day, just to make sure my bunnies are recovering well.

Timmy Toppy

Client – Sunshine Coast

The whole team at UPV Sunshine Coast are friendly, accommodating, professional, passionate, and caring! I have regular contact with the team as one of my parrots requires ongoing medication and they are always prompt with sorting out prescriptions and meds. Highly recommend. 

Lee Stone

Client – Sunshine Coast

Thank you to the team at UPV for taking care of Oscar the Eckie! We had a wonderful first appointment and Dr Pat took good care of my little guy, even though he can be nervous and difficult. I really appreciate you guys for going the extra mile to keep Oscar safe and to give him a positive experience.

Kiah Nash

Client – Sunshine Coast

Dr Alex at Buderim clinic was extremely kind and caring. His knowledge about bearded dragons is incredible. He was successful in helping Kiko our bearded dragon get back to optimal health. I was also impressed that he kept me informed twice a day. Many thanks. 

Penny Thompson

Client – Balcatta

Great staff and wonderful doctors, so helpful and caring about our pets. Really appreciated the respect and care given to our little friends.

Adam Cliff

Client – Balcatta

Thank you to Dr Yang for her attempt to help and care my rabbit, Lola. Even though it wasn’t the result we hoped and prayed for Dr Yang was very caring and professional with Lola even letting my mother and I having our last moments with her. We couldn’t be more grateful for that. Even sending us a condolence card in the mail. Dr Yang and team are highly recommended.

Anthony Koomen

Client – Balcatta

Absolutely amazing staff! They are all so caring, supportive, and professional. I had to provide palliative care for two of my older rabbits and the information & support I received from the staff was incredible. 10/10 would recommend! Plus, my rabbits give them the big tick of approval, so really that’s the main thing.

Sarah Manfredi

Client – Balcatta

I cannot speak highly enough of the care that my bird received at The Unusual Pet Vets in Balcatta. Dr Green was in constant contact with me leading up to Chirpy’s surgery and even gave me a call just prior to him going under. I can highly recommend them for any unusual pet you may have.

Sheree Bennison