Dental disease is commonly seen in exotic pets. Unlike dogs and cats, the signs can vary species to species, and they can be subtle. If left untreated, it can cause discomfort and severe health issues.

For this reason, regular dental checks are recommended for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and dragons. Regular cleanings for the likes of ferrets and bearded dragons is also recommended to prevent and remove plaque and tartar build-up.

At The Unusual Pet Vets, we have specialised equipment that allows us to perform a range of dental procedures on exotic pets to prevent dental disease development and treat impacted, overgrown, infected and abscessed teeth.

What Exotic Pets Do You Perform Dental Procedures on?

We perform dentistry and dental surgery on rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, and some reptile species such as bearded dragons.


How Do You Identify if an Exotic Pet Needs Dentistry?

Dental disease can often be diagnosed by an intraoral examination (looking inside the mouth) by an experienced exotic vet. A specialised speculum or otoscope is used to look inside the pet’s mouth.

In some cases, dental disease is not always obvious during an intraoral exam, and in these cases, radiographs (x-rays), CT, or an examination under general anaesthesia may be recommended. This will help identify how advanced the dental disease is, which will allow planning for the treatment and dental procedure.

What Are the Types of Dentistry You Perform on Exotic Pets?

Scale and Polish

This process involves the ultrasonic scaling of tartar off each tooth and then polishing them. This procedure is often performed to prevent the progression of dental disease. Both ferrets and dragons (especially bearded dragons) can benefit from an annual scale and polish.

Dental Float – Correction of Cheek Teeth

This is commonly performed on rabbits and guinea pigs when there is a formation of sharp spikes or spurs on the cheek teeth, or the teeth have grown to be too long and growing in the wrong direction. In general, these must be corrected with a specialised dental bur while under anaesthetic.


Correction or Removal of Incisor Teeth in Rabbits

Malocclusion of the front incisor teeth is usually a result of problems with the cheek teeth, or the rabbit being born with abnormal jaw alignment, which leads to problems with the way the teeth oppose each other.

If there are only mild changes in the shape and curvature of the incisors, then correction as well as solving the primary cheek teeth problem (if present) may be all that is needed. Once the incisors are not meeting, they are not helping the animal and as they can grow quickly, they often require trimming every 3-4 weeks. Often once this occurs, it is best to remove them as this offers a more permanent solution.

Removal of Tooth Root Abscesses

Tooth root abscesses are often seen as firm lumps on the lower or upper jaw. Treatment generally requires the removal of the bony abscess and the tooth. Depending on the tooth involved, this often requires a surgical approach with a drainage hole left to allow for the flushing of the abscess. Injectable antibiotics and regular revisits are often required postoperatively.

It is important to note that depending on the severity of the dental problems your exotic pet displays, intervention may need to be ongoing and lifelong. For some patients this means regularly dental corrections anywhere from every 4 weeks to every 12 months. This can often be predicted with radiographs or a CT scan, but sometimes only time will tell.

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I had my guinea pig Dasher booked in for castration and microchipping as part of the Hop Start Package and the staff there were very friendly, insightful, professional and helped to calm my nerves about the surgery. All went really really well and Dasher is loving his new food. I highly recommend them.

Neek Dianne Blackburn


Absolutely exceptional, every team member I encountered conducted themselves with absolute professionalism, compassion and care, and should be commended for their awesome work especially with the changed conditions they have had to accommodate for during COVID19.

Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Thank you for going above and beyond to make the loss of our little man Winnie (ferret) as peaceful and painless as possible.

Angus and Bec


I cannot thank Dr Kelly and her staff enough for taking such great care of my 2-year-old Blackmoor goldfish ‘Pepper-Potts’.

Removing her eye has given her back her quality of life, she is a very happy girl again. Incredible knowledge, experience & great love and care was given, thank you so very much. 

💙Pepper-Potts & I love you all

Megan Michelle


I can’t speak highly enough about the team of vets and vet nurses who saved my baby weiro when he was very close to passing away. The service and care have been exceptional from the very start! Outstanding communication, phone call follow-ups, prompt replies to emails, extremely professional, so caring and empathetic. They really are just AMAZING at The Unusual Pet Vets.

A very special thank you to Dr Luke, who has been so committed to saving my little bird from day one and holding onto hope for him. My family and I are so thankful for you and your team for all you have done for him and for his ongoing care and treatment. You guys are awesome!

Milly Milloy


We are so happy to have now found our bird Buddy a fantastic vet service. The service we received from Dr Kelly and her team from start to finish was so welcoming and friendly. 

Cass C


I have been taking my python to Dr Josh since I got her 5 years ago. He is always very compassionate and goes through everything in great detail. In the beginning, I asked a LOT of questions and he always made time to answer as soon as he could. The new clinic is fantastic, and I know my animals are 100% safe and comfortable whilst there.

Madhra Bradley


Always a pleasure visiting unusual pet vets. They take good care of our birds and answer any of our questions with in-depth responses. I have seen Dr Sam a few times and it’s obvious he loves his job and the animals he treats, and I’m sure all the doctors are the same. 10/10 thanks so much!

Alex Hamilton


Fantastic care as always for our bunny with gut stasis. They called to bring our appointment forward to make sure that he received any necessary care as quickly as possible and gave us great information about the problem and the follow-up care and treatment. So reassuring to know that you are in expert hands.

Jessica Scott


A wonderful clinic that accepted an adorable, yet dazed Eastern Yellow Robin after it flew into my window. It was such a relief this service was available on a Sunday afternoon before a public holiday. Such commitment to preserving the wellness of our beautiful native wildlife must be commended, we’re so fortunate to have these dedicated saints.

Nina Pearman


Absolutely the best vet, they are so caring and dedication to their job. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you.

Joshua Charles Fowler