What pet is curious, intelligent, playful, undeniably adorable, mischevious at times, friendly, and affectionate? A ferret of course! For the right owners, ferrets can make absolutely wonderful pets. Unfortunately, ferrets are susceptible to certain medical conditions, making it important to work with an experienced, knowledgable vet if you own one.

Here, we address a variety of topics to help you provide the best care to your ferret as possible. From enrichment activities to keep your curious, playful pet stimulated to common parasites to watch for in ferrets to proper dental care for ferrets, we aim to arm you with as much information as possible to make your furry little family member as happy and healthy as possible.

Ferret desexing options 08/09/2020

Desexing Options for Ferrets

Whilst most cats and dogs are sterilised, the procedure is often overlooked in small pet mammals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and rats. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantage...

Sneezing And Coughing In Ferrets

Just like people, ferrets are capable of making a range of different noises. These range from normal sounds such as ‘dooks’ of excitement when playing through to abnormal noises such as excessive ...
Ferret Enrichment Ideas 24/07/2019

Ferret Enrichment Ideas (11 Ways to Keep Your Pet Busy)

Ferrets are incredibly playful creatures, but they’re also very intelligent (and mischievous)! It’s important to find ways to stimulate your ferret both mentally and physically, while making sure ...

Common Parasites In Exotic Mammals

Just like horses, dogs and cats, exotic animals have a range of microorganisms that live with and on them. Some of these microorganisms are normal, whilst others are dangerous parasites that can cause...

Rickets in Ferrets

Recently at The Unusual Pet Vets we have seen several young ferrets that have had difficulty walking. Whilst there are many causes of lameness in ferrets, today we will be focusing on one particularly...
Ferret-foreign-body 12/04/2016

Ferret Foreign Bodies

Ferrets make wonderful pets, they are full of life and each have their own unique personality. One thing that is common to almost all ferrets is there inquisitive and playful nature.