Trainee Vet Nurse Amalia

Currently in her second year of Veterinary Science (Honours) at the University of Queensland, Amalia hopes to pursue her passion for wildlife and exotics throughout her veterinary career. Beginning her academic journey at QUT, she completed a Bachelor of Biological Sciences and Wildlife Ecology (2020) before finding her passion for veterinary medicine. Originally from Canada and India, she has travelled overseas in pursuit of animal care experiences, including attending an internship at Shades of Hope Wildlife Rescue in Toronto, Canada in 2022.

With a specific interest in avian behaviour and medicine, Amalia is excited to be part of the team at Brisbane Bird Vets.

Hobbies and Interests

Amalia enjoys spending time outdoors in the sun with friends and reptiles. Her hobbies include developing her skills in mushroom foraging and identification, bird watching/photography and yoga teacher training.

Owned Pets

Amalia is the proud parent of a little bearded dragon named Tumbleweed.