Vet Nurse Shuri 

RVN/RVT, Cert IV VN, BVetTech

Shuri has always had a passion for animal care and welfare from a young age. Growing up in Perth amidst the breathtaking backdrop of unique wildlife, Shuri’s innate connection with the animal kingdom led her on an incredible journey. She has lived in 3 different states throughout her veterinary career, eventually settling in South Australia to continue her studies in veterinary medicine.

Shuri has always been interested in wildlife and exotics, taking part whenever the opportunity arose, including throughout her degree, being a wildlife carer, nursing exotics and wildlife at work, undertaking CE exotic courses, and having been the mum of 3 beautiful rats and a range of fish.

With her passion for the exotics sector, Shuri has found her calling and is ecstatic to have joined the UPV Adelaide team. She hopes to expand her knowledge and to share that as a future vet and contribute to the ever-growing knowledge base in exotic pet ownership and medicine.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work and university, Shuri loves anything outdoors in nature, road tripping, hanging with her mates and spending time with her furkids – Maeve and Millie. Recently, she has also gotten back into snowboarding and hopes to start going yearly. She also tries her best to keep her fitness in check with some pilates in the mix.

Owned Pets

Shuri shares her home with two furkids, a lanky, tall staghound cross named Maeve and a petite cat named Millie.