Vet Nurse Hannah

Animal Attendant Hannah

Hannah has been involved in the Veterinary industry for her whole life. She grew up in specialist clinics with her father, Dr Adrian Gallagher. She has been part of the Brisbane Bird Vets family since its inception and has a keen interest in avian behaviour and training and the importance of diet in the management of pet and aviary birds.

Hobbies and Interests

Hannah has a keen interest in wildlife education; she owns a Zoo with her partner and two young children. Hannah has kept and bred various species, including Capybara, Fennec Foxes and even Koalas! Since 2007, Hannah has operated Brisbane Bird Boarding, a disease screened bird boarding facility. Hannah volunteers her time sharing her knowledge of native birds, holding a Bird Co Ordinator role with Wildlife Rescue Qld.

Owned Pets

Hannah has kept many species, focusing on native birds and mammals. Some of her favourites are her handraised Apostlebird ‘Happy Jackie’, her Pelican ‘Percy’ and a baby Rufous Bettong called ‘Bruce’.