Amphibians are known for being somewhat challenging to care for at times, so one of our most important roles is making sure we help you avoid any problems. While our most common patients are axolotls and native frogs, we are experienced in dealing with a wide range of amphibians as well as the potential issues they face.

Regardless of its size or type, your amphibian deserves the best care possible and we aim to help you offer that to your beloved pet. Our help doesn’t stop when you leave an appointment with us — that is where our blogs come in. In our Amphibians blog posts, we dive deep into all things amphibian so you can be knowledgeable, empowered, and readily able to give the best environment and care to your pet amphibian.

Australian Frog 07/02/2022

Caring For Australian Tree Frogs

An essential part of keeping Australian tree frogs is understanding their dietary, husbandry and health requirements. Learn how to properly keep these wonderful pets from our expert team.
Axolotl Bloat 23/09/2021

Bloat in Axolotls

Bloat is a common issue seen in axolotls. There are a number of causes including infection (such as bacteria or mycobacteria), foreign body ingestion, intestinal parasitism, inappropriate temperature,...
frog 14/01/2018

Amphibian FAQ (Types, Diet, Husbandry & More)

So you have an amphibian… What is an amphibian? Amphibians are classed into three orders: The Anura, which includes frogs and toads The Caudata, which includes salamanders and newts And the Gymnophi...