Olive pythons can grow up to 6m in length, making them one of Australia’s largest pythons. They originate from the very north of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland.
Hand-raising baby rabbits can be tricky and demanding, requiring a lot of time and dedication. This responsibility should never be taken lightly, and some points should be considered before deciding to hand-raise a baby bunny.
Beak overgrowth is fairly common in avian species, as the beak grows long, it can impair your bird’s ability to eat, groom and drink normally. A healthy bird wears their beak down and does not require routine beak trimming.
Liver disease in the avian patient is a broad term that relates to inflammation, infection, or degeneration of your bird’s liver. There are a broad range of causes for this group of conditions, the good news for owners and their birds is that the liver is good at regenerating.
Bloat is a common issue seen in axolotls. There are a number of causes including infection (such as bacteria or mycobacteria), foreign body ingestion, intestinal parasitism, inappropriate temperature, gas entrapment, and cancer.