Ferrets are incredibly playful creatures, but they’re also very intelligent and mischievous! It’s important to find ways to stimulate your ferret both mentally and physically while making sure that they’re safe from harm.
Floppy Bunny Syndrome is a condition that usually presents with acute onset of generalised weakness or flaccid paralysis of the body, resulting in the rabbit’s inability to hop around or, in severe cases, not do anything but lie on their sides.
An essential part of keeping Australian tree frogs is understanding their dietary, husbandry and health requirements. Learn how to properly keep these wonderful pets from our expert team.
Cystic ovaries most commonly start to occur in female entire guinea pigs aged 2-4 years. Various studies have identified that up to 76% of female guinea pigs between 2 and 5 years of age have cystic changes present on their ovaries.
Most companion avian species are ‘altricial’, where newly hatched chicks lack feathers, have closed eyes and limited mobility. Unlike ‘precocial’ species, these babies are dependent on parental care for survival, which is independent after birth/hatching.