Intelligent. Curious. Loyal. While many people may automatically think of a dog when they hear these pet qualities, don’t forget about mice and rats! These tiny cuties generally require straightforward care and can make wonderful pets for dedicated owners.

Our blogs aim to teach and share important details on how to keep your pet rat or mouse happy and healthy. From questions like ‘Why is my rat sneezing?’ to topics covering rat respiratory disease and more, our goal is to equip you with as much helpful information as possible to make you a successful pet rat or mouse owner.


Lumps and Bumps in Mice and Rats

Lumps and bumps on or under the skin are relatively common in rats and mice. Sometimes these masses can occur suddenly and grow quite quickly and other times they grow slowly over time. In any case, i...
Desexing Your Pet Rat 09/01/2020

Desexing Your Pet Rat

Desexing, also known as sterilisation, is the term commonly used for when pets have a surgery to remove part of their reproductive tract, making them unable to breed. Whilst most cats and dogs are ste...

Common Parasites In Exotic Mammals

Just like horses, dogs and cats, exotic animals have a range of microorganisms that live with and on them. Some of these microorganisms are normal, whilst others are dangerous parasites that can cause...

Desexing in Exotic Pets!

Exotic animals have traditionally had a poor reputation for anaesthetic survival, and this mind set has persisted into modern veterinary medicine. Whilst some statistics suggest that surgery and anest...
rats and mice vet 09/03/2018

Why is my rat sneezing?

Respiratory Disease Sneezing in pet rats can be a sign of respiratory disease which is one of the most common ailments seen in rats at The Unusual Pet Vets. Respiratory disease can be caused by a...

The Older Rat—Decision Making When Presented With Lumps

Lumps are a common finding in many older rats, and making a decision on surgical removal or benign neglect can be difficult sometimes.
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