Guinea pigs and rabbits are often prone to developing urinary problems, including the development of uroliths (urinary stones) and urinary sludge. We help you understand the signs, risk factors and treatment options.
Chronic Egg-laying is when your bird lays eggs more often than they should. Excessive egg laying can also accompany certain disease processes.
Ferrets make wonderful pets, they are full of life and each have their own unique personality. One thing that is common to almost all ferrets is there inquisitive and playful nature.
Parrots are inquisitive animals that love to chew on almost anything. One of the problems we see regularly is when they accidently ingest items that they were never supposed to eat!
What do guinea pigs and pirates have in common? This sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but there is a common medical condition that both guinea pigs and pirates suffer from, and that is scurvy.