Grooming your pet rabbit is an important part of their care routine, as it helps maintain their health and appearance and helps to keep them comfortable.
Carpet pythons are a group of snake species found in Australia and nearby islands. They are known for their unique patterns and colours and are popular among reptile enthusiasts.
Ringneck and Alexandrine parrots are intelligent, curious and social birds that can make excellent pets in the right home. Many are very playful and vocal. Ringneck parrots are available in a wide range of colour mutation. As with all pet birds, it is important to provide them with proper diet, housing and socialization to ensure their physical and mental well-being.
Behavioural and medical disorders relating to excessive reproductive drive are some of the most common problems we encounter in both female AND male pet parrots. Often owners are completely unaware that their pet is experiencing excessive reproductive drive until it becomes a life-threatening emergency or results in serious problematic behaviours.
Australia is home to two main types of viruses that can infect rabbits. The first type is the myxoma virus which causes the clinical condition ‘mxyomatosis’. The second type is the calicivirus (or Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV)) group, which cause the clinical condition commonly known as ‘Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease’.