To ensure a healthy, happy life for your guinea pig, it will need things like a secure, well-maintained hutch and a balanced diet (we break down the proper diet for guinea pigs in our Scurvy in Guinea Pigs blog). It will also need a trustworthy vet willing to equip you with the knowledge needed to provide your guinea pig with the best care.

Part of how we educate pet owners is through our blogs. We can teach you all there is to know about properly caring for your guinea pig, from housing to nutrition to preventative healthcare and everything in between. We regularly update our blogs, so be sure to check back on occasion for new topics. As always, feel free to contact us if there is a specific topic or question you would like to see addressed.

Guinea pig dental disease blog image 03/07/2020

Guinea Pig Dental Disease

Guinea pigs are intriguing animals that each have unique personalities. Some are boisterous and bossy, others shy and timid; however, all of them can make excellent pets in the right environment.

Is my Guinea Pig a boy or a girl? Guinea Pig Reproduction 101

Guinea pigs are growing in popularity as pets and we are starting to see more and more of them come through our clinics. They can make fantastic pets and are full of personality, however do require mo...

Common Parasites In Exotic Mammals

Just like horses, dogs and cats, exotic animals have a range of microorganisms that live with and on them. Some of these microorganisms are normal, whilst others are dangerous parasites that can cause...

Desexing in Exotic Pets!

Exotic animals have traditionally had a poor reputation for anaesthetic survival, and this mind set has persisted into modern veterinary medicine. Whilst some statistics suggest that surgery and anest...

Guinea Pig Information Night!

Recently we hosted our Guinea Pig Education Night at Murdoch University, with over 100 guinea pig owners attending to learn more about their furry friends. Below is a summary of what we covered on the...
Rabbits need to stay hydrated 05/01/2017

Tips to keep Guinea Pigs & Rabbits Cool this Summer

It is important to keep your furry friends cool in summer. The simple act of putting them in an air-conditioned room or shaded area can make all the difference.
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