Keeping your pet rabbit healthy takes more than an occasional carrot — it takes a vast amount of experience and skill. This is where we share our years of accumulated knowledge so you can feel more confident as a pet rabbit owner.

Since rabbits are prey in the natural world, their natural instinct is to hide any signs or symptoms of illness, making it crucial to recognise issues as soon as possible. Here, our growing collection of rabbit-dedicated blogs focuses heavily on illnesses to watch for, why it is so important to brush your rabbits, and a host of other topics meant to enlighten and empower you as a rabbit owner.

Caring for rabbits blog 21/06/2020

Caring For Pet Rabbits

Rabbits make wonderful pets! They are generally friendly, curious and cuddly creatures that will quickly become part of the family. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about the care of ra...
bloat 2 29/03/2019

The rabbit moulting season is upon us!

The rabbit moulting season has been non stop this last few months, which means that your rabbit could be ingesting fur each time they groom themselves or their friends.

Common Parasites In Exotic Mammals

Just like horses, dogs and cats, exotic animals have a range of microorganisms that live with and on them. Some of these microorganisms are normal, whilst others are dangerous parasites that can cause...

Rabbit Ear Diseases

Rabbits are a very popular pet seen at The Unusual Pet Vets, for a variety of reasons. Some come in for their routine vaccinations or a check-up, where others can be seen for serious conditions such a...

Desexing in Exotic Pets!

Exotic animals have traditionally had a poor reputation for anaesthetic survival, and this mind set has persisted into modern veterinary medicine. Whilst some statistics suggest that surgery and anest...

How to Ensure That Your Carpet Remains Rabbit-Proof and Rabbit Friendly

How to Ensure That Your Carpet Remains Rabbit-Proof and Rabbit Friendly This article has been kindly put together by Chemdry Express. Rabbits are a welcome addition to any home because they make great...
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