Keeping your pet rabbit healthy takes more than an occasional carrot — it takes a vast amount of experience and skill. This is where we share our years of accumulated knowledge so you can feel more confident as a pet rabbit owner.

Since rabbits are prey in the natural world, their natural instinct is to hide any signs or symptoms of illness, making it crucial to recognise issues as soon as possible. Here, our growing collection of rabbit-dedicated blogs focuses heavily on illnesses to watch for, why it is so important to brush your rabbits, and a host of other topics meant to enlighten and empower you as a rabbit owner.

It is essential to groom your pet rabbit as part of their care routine in order to maintain their health, appearance, and comfort. 14/03/2023

Rabbit Grooming Guide

Grooming your pet rabbit is an important part of their care routine, as it helps maintain their health and appearance and helps to keep them comfortable.
Rabbit Vaccines and Viruses 01/08/2022

Rabbit Vaccinations and Viruses

Australia is home to two main types of viruses that can infect rabbits. The first type is the myxoma virus which causes the clinical condition ‘mxyomatosis’. The second type is the calicivirus (or...
Desexing Rabbit 30/05/2022

Desexing Your Rabbit

Desexing, otherwise known as sterilisation or neutering, is a very important part of the veterinary care of rabbits. The most common form of desexing is when animals undergo surgery to remove part of ...
Floppy Bunny Syndrom 14/02/2022

Floppy Bunny Syndrome

Floppy Bunny Syndrome is a condition that usually presents with acute onset of generalised weakness or flaccid paralysis of the body, resulting in the rabbit’s inability to hop around or, in severe ...
Hand-Raising Baby Rabbits 19/11/2021

Hand-Raising Baby Rabbits

Hand-raising baby rabbits can be tricky and demanding, requiring a lot of time and dedication. This responsibility should never be taken lightly, and some points should be considered before deciding t...
Rabbit incisor malocclusion blog 28/05/2021

Rabbit Incisor Malocclusion

Incisor malocclusion is a dental condition where the incisors don’t line up correctly and consequently, the normal process of chewing doesn’t wear down the rabbit’s teeth. It is commonly seen in...
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