Guinea pigs make great pets. They are an intelligent species, with each guinea pig having its own unique personality, often bonding well with its owner. They are relatively easy to care for; however, there is some important information about feeding, husbandry and veterinary care that all guinea pig owners should know and understand.
Tropical fish are some of the most popular home aquarium varieties. With the proper care and attention, tropical fish are hardy, active and easy to maintain.
Quails make great pets and are quite easy to care for. Many people fall in love with their funny little personalities and their quirky behaviour.
Desexing, otherwise known as sterilisation or neutering, is a very important part of the veterinary care of rabbits. The most common form of desexing is when animals undergo surgery to remove part of their reproductive tract, generally known as castration (males) or spay (females).
Goldfish (Carassius auratus) can be described as an adaptable, intelligent fish and are the most popular of all ornamental fish.