It can be challenging to determine if a reptile is a male or female as often there can be a lack of external differences between the sexes (sexual dimorphism). This is in contrast to most mammals where gender determination is generally straight forward.
Hand raising baby guinea pigs can be quite tricky and demanding. This responsibility should never be taken on lightly, and some points should be considered before deciding to hand-raise guinea pigs.
Gastric dilation (commonly known as bloat) is an acute and often life-threatening condition in rabbits that requires immediate veterinary attention. It can cause a perfectly healthy rabbit to become very unwell very quickly.
There are a growing number of viruses that can seriously affect our pet reptiles. Some of these viruses have serious immediate and long-term consequence, and just like in people, many of these viruses do not have any specific treatment.
Lop-eared rabbits have become very popular pets over the past few decades. These rabbits are born with ears that ‘flop’ over as they grow. Unfortunately, this has led to ear disease becoming common amongst this breed of rabbit. Here's how to treat it.