Bad birds!There are very few people that eat a perfectly balanced diet. Whether it be too much ice cream or a whole block of chocolate, we all have our weaknesses. Our pets often take this to the next level with some dogs eating socks, ferrets ingesting ear plugs and cats chewing on wool! Birds are no exception to this and todays article looks at some of t...
Recently we hosted our Guinea Pig Education Night at Murdoch University, with over 100 guinea pig owners attending to learn more about their furry friends. Below is a summary of what we covered on the night:What to feed your guinea pig and why? – Dr Kelly Giles Hay: feeding your guinea pig a diet high in a good quality hay, whether that is by using oate...
Axolotls!Axolotls are increasing in popularity and we have been seeing more and more people bring their axolotl in to our veterinary clinics for various problems. A lot of the problems we see are related to incorrect husbandry as many people don’t realise that axolotls require a specialized set up to ensure they can live a healthy and happy life. Today...
It is important to keep your furry friends cool in summer. The simple act of putting them in an air-conditioned room or shaded area can make all the difference.
Rabbits are social creatures and do often benefit from companionship, it is important for their happiness and emotional well-being