Vet Nurse Alianna

CVN, BVT, RVT, AVPN (exotics), AVNAT, CertAqVNT

Alianna graduated Massey University with a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology degree in 2015 before moving to Melbourne to pursue her passion in exotic animal medicine. She has a strong interest in reptiles, amphibians, aquatic animals and invertebrates (especially arachnoids) but loves caring for unusual pets, from fluffies to scalies.  

She is a big advocate of continuing education and has been involved in multiple veterinary publications and conferences both nationally and internationally. She is one of two people in the world who have passed a brand new qualification and is a certified Aquatic Veterinary Technician, awarded by the WAVMA (World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association).

Aquatic medicine is Ali’s passion and calling in life, and she is honoured to be a part of something new and important. Ali strongly advocates for all her patients and works hard to ensure they get the best care.

Hobbies and Interests

On days off, Alianna can be found herping, skateboarding, surfing, snorkelling, or having adventures with her daughter and her unusual pets.