Dr Christina Karagiorgis


Dr Christina or you can call her Chris, grew up in Melbourne’s North, where all sorts of unusual pets and wildlife surrounded her. Having the opportunity to combine her love for animals and science, she soon found herself studying to be a Vet. Throughout vet school, Chris strived to be involved in all things exotic and wild. She joined many clubs, took up volunteer opportunities, and had exotic animal-focused clinical placements in her final year. Dr Chris even completed a placement at the Unusual Pet Vets, which has come full circle and is where she now works.

Dr Chris has previous experience working with birds, reptiles, amphibians, as well as lots of mammals. She loves learning and providing the best care possible to our furred, feathered, and scaled friends while keeping the planet’s health in mind. Dr Chris is so excited to have joined the UPV family!

Hobbies and Interests

When Christina isn’t working, she is always up for an outdoor adventure, particularly snowboarding or snorkelling. She loves music and going to gigs in Melbourne. And most nights, Chris is relaxing with her pets, reading or doodling.

Owned Pets

Chris is a proud owner of Squirtle the Turtle and Sora the Cat, as well as an Auntie to Slinky and Vlad the Ferrets, Zyra the Conure and recently Linda the Rabbit.


International Journal of Parasitology: Parasite and Wildlife