Vet Nurse Taylah 

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nurse

Taylah’s passion for working with animals was apparent from her teenage years.

She has always had an eager vision of working with wildlife in particular. Taylah’s vet nursing career kicked off in 2016 when she moved to rural Pilbara as a newly qualified nurse and was thrown into the deep end with an emergency and rural vet nursing role.

During her time in the Pilbara, Taylah volunteered on many research trips with various animals, including northern quolls and green/hawksbill/flatback turtles.

After working for a few years with small animals, Taylah moved back to Adelaide. She missed and longed to work with exotics and wildlife and began working as a wildlife keeper with koalas and birds and vet nursing.

At this point, Taylah knew exotics and wildlife were the right path for her.

Taylah describes that taking on a new position at UPV is like combining her two worlds. She is so excited about her future career in an area she is passionate about.

Interests and Hobbies

When Taylah’s not working her dream job, she enjoys playing soccer, camping, surfing and being near the beach in the sunshine. Taylah also loves downtime with her partner, family, friends and pets.

Owned Pets

Taylah is a pet parent to Nova, an Australian Cattle dog X that she rescued from a remote indigenous community while living in Pilbara. She also has Coco Cobana, the chocolate mini lop bunny who, even after a year, still has uneven but cutest ears.