Dr Shiow Jing KhuuDr Shiow Jing Khuu 


Dr Shiow Jing Khuu, prefers to be called Jing. She was born and raised in Adelaide in a busy household of dogs, chickens and plenty of fish, making her an animal lover by default.

Dr Jing graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary Bioscience and a Master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine. Dr Jing initially started in a general practice rotating internship with a company with multiple branch clinics, experiencing all aspects of general practice. From here, she expressed her interest in working with Avian and Unusual pets. She has had a strong interest in working with Avian and Unusual species since Veterinary school. However, only after working in general practice was Dr Jing assured that this is the niche and direction she would like to progress in her career.

Hobbies and Interests 

Outside of work Jing enjoys beach walks, hiking, fitness and spending time with her pets.

Owned Pets

Jing is a proud pet parent to two canine companions, Lucky and Miki and a cat Boris.