Dr Shane Simpson

BVSc (Hons), GCM (VP)

Dr Shane Simpson is well known amongst the reptile keeping community as “The Reptile Doctor” and brings his wealth of experience in the field of reptile and amphibian medicine and surgery to The Unusual Pet Vets. He regular presents on the topic to fellow veterinarians, veterinary nurses and reptile keepers both here in Australia and internationally. In addition, he has contributed to several veterinary text books, held positions on animal ethics committees and does a considerable amount of work training wildlife rehabilitators about caring for injured reptiles.

Hobbies and Interests

When not working at The Unusual Pet Vets, Shane can be found just up the road still treating dogs and cats at Karingal Veterinary Hospital where he is also a co-owner of the practice.

Owned Pets

Shane has a diverse reptile and amphibian collection number nearly 50 animals. He has kept a vast range of species over the years. In addition to his reptiles and amphibians he also has 4 very noisy and messy conures!