There are many different avian pellets available. We stock the Vetafarm range as we have found that many birds take to them well and they are readily available for our clients in WA. Other recommended brands include Wombaroo, Roudybush, Tropican, Zupreem and Harrisons.

The Vetafarm bird pellet range is a completely balanced extruded pellet diet specifically designed to meet the particular dietary needs of most parrots. The pellets are designed to provide all the nutrition necessary for the long and healthy life of aviary and pet parrots.

The elements needed for full feather production, muscle activity and gut function are all included in this diet. Addition of other nutrients and supplements is not necessary. Key features include balanced vitamins, minerals, calcium and amino acids essential for a stable maintenance diet during the regular season. Extrusion cooked pellets offer a palatable, balanced diet that maintains birds at a healthy weight without excess fat disposition. Eliminates waste associated with seed and ensures a longer, healthier life by providing scientifically formulated nutrition.