Vet Nurse Taylah 

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Taylah is a dedicated Veterinary Nurse with a passion for providing exceptional care to all animals. Her journey in the veterinary field began in 2016 when she began her studies and laying the foundation for her career.

Throughout her career, Taylah gained valuable experience as a Veterinary Nurse at Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, where she focused on reproduction, puppy development, and general health care. She broadened her skills and knowledge at Healesville Sanctuary’s Australian Wildlife Health Centre where she cares for a diverse range of native wildlife. Zookeeping for Zoos Victoria, Taylah has even furthered her expertise in animal husbandry and exotic animals.

Now a member of The Unusual Pet Vets team, Taylah is committed to providing specialised care and compassion to all unique pets, ensuring they receive the highest level of attention and treatment. With her genuine love for animals and dedication to continuous growth as a nurse, Taylah is devoted to making a positive impact on the lives of every animal she cares for, and all of their owners too.

Hobbies and Interests

Taylah has been lucky enough to land a career that is also her favourite hobby! When she isn’t chasing after puppies, looking after Australian natives and reptiles or assisting you with your beloved pets, you can find her hanging with her best friend Golly the Border Collie, or enjoying the fine works of an Adam Sandler movie.

Owned Pets

Taylah’s family has a large farm in East Gippsland where they own cattle, sheep, goats and 4 dogs. At home, Taylah has her Border Collie, Golly.