Vet Nurse Jade

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing 

With a love for all animals, Jade has developed a keen interest and passion for exotic animals, in particular birds and parrots. When Jade first rescued a Galah, it was then that she realised how intelligent, loving, and full of personality they are, and she has been passionate about their care ever since.

Jade began working with animals at a boarding and doggy daycare and boarding facility in 2018, where she worked as an animal attendant. This role helped Jade build on her animal care, husbandry, training, and handling skills, the perfect prelude to vet nursing.

It was in 2019 when Jade acquired an animal attendant job in a vet clinic, which kickstarted her vet nursing career, and she began studying for her Certificate IV in Veterinary nursing through a traineeship program. During this time, she expanded her knowledge of animal care and handling experience while working with cats, dogs, exotics, and wildlife patients.

Jade is thrilled to continue growing her skills and knowledge with exotic pets through her role as a veterinary nurse at the Unusual Pet Vets Adelaide.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work and study, Jade enjoys reading books, watching movies, going for outdoor walks, and spending time with loved ones with a good meal.

Owned Pets

Jade is a proud pet parent to two male rescue galahs named Sable and Horris; however, they are better known by their pet names of “Baby” and “Chunky”.