Vet Nurse Charlotte

Meet Charlotte, Veterinary Nurs

Charlotte has worked as a veterinary nurse for ten years and has always had an interest in exotic animals. She took a few years off to travel and has been fortunate to work with elephants in Thailand, sea turtles in Greece and with a cat and dog rescue organisation in Indonesia. Charlotte is am looking to start the advanced programme in veterinary nursing of exotic species.

Charlotte loves to travel, both overseas and exploring WA in her camper. She enjoys spending time in the water scuba diving, snorkelling or paddle boarding. In her spare time, she also likes to paint and make candles.

Having owned dogs and bearded dragons in the past, Jasper the 12-year-old feline friend receives all the TLC being the only pet at present, and it is just the way Jasper likes it.


Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing