Dr Catherine Apuli

BVSc (Hons)

Dr Catherine has been an animal lover since she was young and has kept many types of pets over her life. She has always loved animals, however, her special interest is in birds and avian medicine.  She has kept, bred and hand-raised many different types of birds, mainly Australian parrots and some finches. Catherine is passionate about client education and enjoys encouraging enrichment, captive foraging, and cage design so that she can teach others to keep birds in the best possible way.

Since graduating from The University of Queensland, Dr Catherine has worked in an avian exclusive vet clinic as well as small animal practices. Prior to completing her veterinary degree, she also worked as a veterinary nurse for birds and exotic animals.

Catherine is a proud pet parent to three cockatiels; Lil Sil, Lancey and Tiny Bill, Billy and Molly the Eclectus Parrots and a large, walk-in aviary with a variety of Australian native parrots.

Outside of work, Catherine enjoys catching up with friends, music, art, and design, going to the beach and gardening.

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