Katrina jindalee

Sarah is a veterinary nurse and has been working in the veterinary industry for around 11 years. She began her journey in the veterinary world at just 14 years old working in general practice. Sarah then went to university and studied agriculture and a Bachelor of veterinary technology through the University of Queensland, followed by a bachelor of marine science and management. Sarah has a large passion for exotic species particularly marine-based and conservation. Sarah has a wealth of experience working in the emergency animal industry, General Practice animal industry, agriculture animal industries and animal retail industries, and is thrilled to be working within the exotic animal industry.

Sarah is a pet parent to a budgie called Meeko, a beta fish called Frankie, a Burmese cat called Pavlova and a Blue Healer/Collie called Jaz. Outside of you work you can find Sarah participating in aerial sports and scuba diving.