Trainee Vet Nurse Sabrina

Certificate II Zoo Keeping, Trained in Wildlife, Wildfire and Oiled Wildlife Emergency Response

Sabrina began her journey in the animal industry by first studying her Cert II in Animal Studies and Cert III in Captive Animals at Taronga Training Institute. She completed three years of placements and volunteering with a wide range of animals at Taronga Zoo, ranging from Natives to Primates, Ungulates and Marine animals. Sabrina was also a keeper at Australian Reptile Park in Gosford.

Sabrina then moved back to Melbourne and worked as a vet nurse at a 24-hour clinic in the South Eastern Suburbs. Sabrina had a sea change and became an eco-accredited tour Guide on Phillip Island at the Penguin Parade, later Becoming a farm hand on Churchill Island.

In Jan 2019, Sabrina was deployed to work at the emergency wildlife triage centre in Mallacoota, looking after any fire-affected animals that came into care. She returned to assist in rehabilitating 14 Koalas at the Koala Conservation Centre when 13 were re-released back into the wild.
Since 2016 Sabrina has been involved with health checks and monitoring of Eastern Barred Bandicoots since their release date in 2017 on Phillip Island.

Now she is excited to be a part of the team at UPV!!

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work, Sabrina loves Painting. Her family have built a campervan and enjoy going on adventures when they can.

Owned Pets

Sabrina is a proud pet parent to a jungle python called Legs and a budgie called Blue.