Vet Nurse Laura 

Laura has been fascinated with all things weird and wonderful since early childhood. She grew up owning many unusual pets, including small mammals, amphibians, fish, and reptiles.

Laura started her vet nursing career as a general practice vet in 2015. In 2017, she began fostering a galah, Gary, whom she later adopted. This sparked an intense interest in birds, and she began hand-rearing chicks for a local bird store to gain further experience.

In 2019, Laura started working in a bird and exotics-only clinic in Sydney, where she was able to increase her exotics nursing skills and knowledge greatly. She has particular interests in parrot behaviour, husbandry, enrichment, and neonate care, along with all things reptiles.

In 2024, Laura followed her dream of moving to QLD to work at the Jindalee UPV clinic. She is excited to continue her ever-learning journey with new experiences and patients to befriend!

Hobbies and Interests 

Outside of work, Laura enjoys spending time with her kids and coming up with new enrichment opportunities, catching up with friends, and cross-stitching.

Owned Pets

Laura currently owns three cheeky Galahs: Gary, Big Barry, and Little Barry, Allan the Alexandrine, Bub the Eclectus, and Flossy the B&G Macaw. She also owns two beardies, Norbert and Blaze, and a hyperelastic bluey named Jet.