Vet Nurse Krystal 

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Krystal has always known since a young age that she wanted to work with animals and help care for them. Krystal’s parents helped foster this passion of hers by taking her to zoo’s, wildlife parks, allowing for interactive experiences with animals, as well as guiding her on her own path to set her up on a journey into the industry. This is what led Krystal onto her journey in high school, where she began studying her Certificate II Animal Studies, as well as volunteering one day a week while at school at her local dog and cat clinic.

It was these experiences that solidified that this is what Krystal wanted to do with her life. Since graduating school in 2018, Krystal has gone on to complete the Certificate III Animal Studies which led her to her nursing journey by going into practise at a birds and exotics only clinic. Krystal has been nursing since 2020 and has never looked back. Krystal completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2023, where she became a member of the Veterinary Nurse Council of Australia (VNCA) and a registered veterinary nurse with the Australian Veterinary Nurse and Technician (AVNAT) Registration scheme.

Hobbies and Interest

Krystal enjoys camping and off road with her family and friends, spending time at the beach, going out adventuring and exploring nature. She is also a music fan and spends weekends going to concerts or festivals where she can. 

Owned Pets

Krystal is a proud pet parent to a naughty Miniature Dachshund puppy named Zoey, an angel child Chihuahua x Maltese called Shelby, a Cockatiel called Juniper and a Princess Parrot called Princess.